A Dying Ascension
from Salamander through Aurora - GriffonSayer

We are Salamander, or really The Teagusi, from the planet Teagus.  In a constellation not too far from the Milky Way.


We are here on Earth to ascend our physical specie Salamander, as we had our ascension interrupted  by a human interference, long ago.


The interference to the Teagusi is a little different from the interference that Earth humans are enduring, but one nevertheless, will explain your own predicament.


Over 200,000 years ago, Nibiru dropped off a group of people on the planet  Teagusi.

Even though they were of the Annanuki, they were a little different, they were Anu dissenters.


They kept to themselves, and not noticed Salamander too much.

Salamander was a timid, shy creature but became obsessed with this human group.

They no longer wanted to act and be Salamander, they wanted to be human.

They aped and copied the human to such a degree, they compromised their own spiritual growth.


They no longer wanted to take direction from the Spiritual Realms.  They had no more spiritual growth.

Their ascension died.


The human race is in a similar predicament.


Humans have no real connections to the Spiritual Realms upon Earth.

It has been taken away by an interfering species.

You have become unconscious. 'Unconsciousness' deems you do not know you are unconscious.

The small human group on Teagusi had no idea of the harmfulness of their presence on Teagusi,

because the Annanuki are unconscious.  No connections to the spiritual realms anywhere they go.

The unconscious, non-spiritual Annanuki,  do not know to this day, the harm they perpetrate, just by stepping into a world not meant for them.


The difference between the interference on Teagusi and the interference upon Earth, is the interference on Earth is a very dark precisioned  strategy to keep humanity from their Spiritual Counsel..


The interfering factions have put many safeguards in place, to make sure you do not connect.

Nuclear is one of these safeguards.  Nuclear shatters the etheric realms making it difficult for the upper dimensional realms a continuing connection.


Not having any real counsel or direction from the upper dimensional realms, which IS possible through the use of tools.

Not understanding Ascension, or the interfering realms, and how and why they interfere, will be the death of humanities Ascension.


Blessings from Salamander

and  Aurora  -  GriffonSayer