Ascension Requires Tools

Ascension is a very difficult thing for a human to do.

The human is bound by so many interferences, both physical and non-physical, to not have any tools, will make ascension impossible.


One must authenticate, substantiate, clarify, quantify, interprete, initiate, retreat, mark time.

Intuition is not enough for Ascension, not near enough.


The main tools are penduluming, muscle-testing, vision, dream and lucid dreaming.

As one attains higher levels, a variety of muscle-testing techniques must be used.  The same with vision techniques.

The dream and visions are mostly symbolic, and all hold relevance for ones ascension.  Correct interpreting is crucial, and this interpreting is done by the use of other tools.


Kineseology (body symbology) and Symbology from Nature and Elementals are also invaluable tools.  These symbolic gestures from the body, Nature and Elementals are very profound messages for ones personal  ascension, and  must be interpreted by using other tools.


From a vision from Frog

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