Celebrating the Earth Elementals
The Unsung Heroes by Aurora - GriffonSayer

They are quietly, doggedly, bringing forth Ascension for the EarthMother,  humans and all species.

There are other dimensional realms, much  higher dimensions than the Elementals,  playing their part to bring forth Ascension.  However I want to share some things about our Beloved Earth Elementals, that are not generally known.


The Ascending Initiate relies on all the dimensional realms for information, protection, inspiration and assistance.  Through observing a Nature Realm we are given keys and clues for whatever we are working on.  It maybe a karma we are struggling to understand,  or a service we are to fulfil, or just some information about our ascension.

We observe the actions of the animal or bird, as they will give us a clue.

Unbeknown to us all there will be Elementals manipulating the nature realm in someway, to make them do something.


There has been no nature spiritual realm assisting their species, for a very long time on this planet.  A very small number of the original  8th dimensional nature beings returned in 2007, to start ascending their original Earth species, and to assist others species, by 'ensouling' other species that are not of earths origins.

These spiritual 'specie' realms that are returning, will also contact ascending humans to guide and assist.  However they do not look  like any of the nature species  in the 3rd dimension.

All the  actions from a nature realm, assisting a shaman or a spiritual seeker have all been through the assistance and manipulations of Earth Elementals.

Now seen in many 'orbs'. Or  Nature Spirits, in some peoples visions or dreams.

Earths Elementals are 6th dimensional beings, also known as 'nature spirits', Divas etc.


Humanity also has had no higher dimensional spiritual guidance above the 6th dimension.

There has been a strategie in place by the EarthMother and Elementals, to keep humanity tuned into the Nature Realms, who have been as lost and separated as humanity.

Many of the Nature Realms known as totem spirits or  spirit guides, are not going to ascend on Earth, as they are unable to convert their biology to the crystalline form.

However humanity needed something to believe in.  We needed tangible spiritual guidance.  The Elementals are not seen nor do they have any telepathic communing ability, so the Nature Realms were used for a spiritual connection.

They were the conduits for the Elementals to speak or show something.


Symbolic gestures from everywhere, are all through the Elementals.

All those 'coincidences', all those symbolic gestures to show you something, alert you to something, reveal something  have all been the manipulations by Earths Elementals.

The 'brainwave', the lightbulb, the big intuitive something a manipulation by an Elemental.


They  are in our computer, manipulating.

To give us a heads up about something.

Trying to lead the way, or wanting us to delete other things.

Many people think this is the dark interfering, but most often it is the Elementals trying to deter someone from writing something ...  incorrect information, or unascension.


The dream has been the other method they have been able to speak and show.

Many higher dimensional realms intervene in the dream mechanism besides the Elementals.  All dreams are  revealing work to be done by the initiate.  Self healing, changes to be made for the ascension journey, service work, multi-dimensional information, and much more.


There are many  visionary techniques  the ascending initiate is guided to acquire. In one technique the Elementals speak, by showing.


A tarot deck is another method, Elementals can commune,  and a pendulum can even be manipulated by an Elemental.


When a karma is seen understood and forgiven, a huge etheric global dynamic is started.  Energies belonging to others are returned, and energies  that were lost,  are retrieved from others.  Not just a few others, millions of others.

The future ancestors of an original ancient karma are now millions, all around the globe.

This is momentous healing work, that is more than global.

Many karmas are beyond Earth. Karmas be being returned and retrieved from beyond Earth.

It is the Elementals that facilitate all this returning and retrieving.


It is the Earth Elementals that create the Crop Circles.  There is information in the crop circles for humanities ascension.

Information designed to raise the consciousness.  A raised consciousness brings higher awarenesses.


Free energy devices to be brought forth for humanity, are embedded in some of the circles.  The designated persons, will be mentored by the Elementals on how to COLLABORATE with the Elements.  The Elementals will show through dream/vision on  how to use the circles to create energy.... non harmful energy,  that doesnt require abusing other elements.


Free energy -  raising consciousness - new awarenesses -  Ascension,  is all about UNITY and CONSCIOUSNESS

Not just a physical Unity of healed body, and Community,  but a  much more profound MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, MULTI-SPECIE UNITY  which brings forth the Consciousness of All That Is.



Aurora - Griffonsayer