The Origins and Harm of Electrical DNA


Electrical is an energy born of a disresonant DNA

Just by its very nature and being, it creates harm.

The Electrical DNA is reptilian.


The Melchizedek Drakonian reptilian came with the Annanuki  human  180,000 years ago, via Nibiru.


180,000 years ago the Earth had a magnetic flower of life.  All species were in Unity, because of the resonant magnetic energy upon Earth.

Electric energy harms magnetic.

Electric energy polarises, pushes aside other etheric energies, and creates an imbalance to Earth, Elements and Species


Magnetic is soft, rotound and rotating.

Electric is sharp, straight and pointed.


All electrical energy must be removed for Earth to ascend.


Free energy devices will be brought forth, for electrical manufacture and use  to be phased out. 

The problem  lies with the amount of reptilians in another reality upon Earth.

Their presence causes the '7th' dimension to be corrupted, spinning in the opposite direction, through the corruptive presence of the reptilians.

This alone has an adverse affect on the planets ability to ascend.


Humanity must wake up from their sleep, free themselves from their reptilian implants, and declare their jurisdiction, as Earths Stewards.


 The Elementals can then work in tandem with humanity to do whatever is necessary to remove from Earth,  the most harmful species in the Universe today.  The Melchizedek reptilian.


Griffon, speaking for Earths Elementals


Aurora GriffonSayer.