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 on: June 03, 2018, 01:38:39 PM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Staying in the Zone is critical  - but it  needs help.- to focus, and keeping an( often exhausting) attention.
but in truth, it becomes more exhausting being out of the zone - then being in it.

Staying in the zone maximises beingness
Maximized beingness, is through following through with actions - which in turn maximises Magnificence.

prevents misery, despair, disbelief, uncertainty - these are feelings, that will overcome one,  when one is doing the work but
still missing 'absolute being' aspects - 
Tools to Stay in the Zone

Tree Talk
with a new 'Imagining tool' - which works in amazing ways
(I have copied and pasted it from TorSiemOns thread)

new visionary tool called "IMAGINE FIRST"

specific on a topic or subject
short and effective
no spinning
no mystery
no metaphors
can have more than one meaning


1. Imagine any object you want, anything, with your eyes closed and wait.
2. your picture in your head will be now manipulated by elemental to tell you a story. something really short. 1 or 2 sentences.
         -write it down if guided-
3. let the telepathy kick in with additional explanations.
        - write all down if guided-
4. full understanding comes/action comes/next step comes

Example and message for EMEC

1. Imagining EMEC logo.
2. I see a logo. looks up into the sky and grabs our sun and puts it in front, than another planet, and another... Puts planets in a line in front.
3.  - Supremacy
     - Characteristics
     - step by step program
     - informational
     - self sustainable and independent. Totally disconnected from current behavior of people and their systems


and this one

Every leaf tells a story
Every feather a vision
Every flower a feeling
Every seed a healing
Every cloud an insight
Every tree a movement
Every bird an action
Every animal an understanding
Every Nature sound an awareness
Every insect a possibility
Every Elemental an opportunity

 on: May 25, 2018, 12:16:28 PM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Tor Seeds Network
Starseeds - Tors Idea - Tors Creation

Tor Seeds Network
* choreagraphed streaming order.
* streaming coherance
* magnetic field coherance
* Streaming alignment
* Absolute Total Alignment
* Magnificence Expansion

Tor Seeds Network Deployment  Streaming Order Coherance

* Elemental Intervention Alignment Cohesion Conduitism Training Session
* Elemental Education, Training & Experience Conference Representation
* Team EMEC Employment-  Arth Governance & Ambassadorship
* Global Healing & Humanism Employment
* Karma, Ego, Ugly Personality Dissolution Life Service Deployment
* Trialing Paradigm Deployment
* Magorial Tor High Command Representation Deployment
* Universal Reformation to Advance 3rd dimensional transcendence Employment

 on: April 28, 2018, 03:25:26 PM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora

i posted it here - because the google hangout wouldnt allow an attachment

i see that as a huge fault of the hangout links  - making it highly inadequate, for sessions.
I am guided to only create session platforms in google hangout, not skype

will you ask Elen, why google hangout over skype?

 on: April 28, 2018, 03:17:37 PM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora

A new chart to be finished -  Communing Largesse.
the first one (dont know if you remember) had old cartoon characters attached to to'too'rk vocay tuk etc
this new chart is to have more contemporary characters attached to them
could you and TorNaSol do this?

oKa says ..  You say the name, and TorNaSol to vision the (more modern)  character -  (starting from To'too'rk)
(giving TorNaSol some visioning practise)  xx

 on: April 12, 2018, 07:05:22 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora

Understanding the Nature Communication

All Nature responds to light
All Nature is aware of each human, and responds through emitting plumes of gaseous ethers, that will effect the human in different ways - in feelings,  intuitive understandings, visions, as the body receptors pick up on, and brain and nervous system translate.
Being open to, and allowing, also allows for a communication to happen from the Elementals, who may telepathically add words to give more clarity to the information you have received.
(this can be as you observe, or in the messaging ).

We suggest you immediately embark upon messaging, whilst you are still 'iin the zone' -  making it easier to be telepathic with Us.  xx

All Nature is aware of each humans light, because of the Elemental construct around each individual, supplying the light a human is yet to acquire.

Divine Appreciation consciousness involves action for the active appreciation element (hence this post)
, from yesterdays information about ' the gaseous plume from nature in the presence of light',  from a leaf, a cloud and a flower) 
Appreciation to the  Elementals and the Nature Realms - a profound gratitude for this assistance and ability to have this level of communication - keeps a momentum and magnitude propulsion happening for aurora.

 on: April 11, 2018, 09:48:35 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Accelerated Oneness
Activating Oneness, when attentioned , and Divine Appreciation when understood

Every leaf tells a story
Every feather a vision
Every flower a feeling
Every seed a healing
Every cloud an insight
Every tree a movement
Every bird an action
Every animal an understanding
Every Nature sound an awareness
Every insect a possibility
Every Elemental an opportunity

Activating Oneness, when attentioned,
brain changes, brain tracts realign,

Divine Appreciation when understood
Divine Appreciation is active - gratitude in action - appreciating gives a worthiness action
when reciprocation happens, the divine energy is magnified and the energy absorbed back into what you have given divine worthiness to.

This is all part of the Ultra Magnetic state, that can heal by a presence.
It is Loving Service, very action oriented, and can be overwhelming .... be overwhelmed Beloved ...  be accelerated.

Go outside, hold a leaf, stare at a cloud, a flower, listen to a bird -  build up the information - Nature is telling you something very important

Print out and hand out - put on your wall  -Be reminded daily  of your responsibility and Divine Accountability to how Nature operates and communicates.
 teach your children, they will show you their ability to be accountable.

with Our love
Elemental Council

 on: April 08, 2018, 08:01:31 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Starseeds Immensity
An Awakening Nurturance Prequel

Feature of starseeds and common denominator - Confusion over purpose

Redirection of purpose to be called upon to be in Extraordinary Service

A shock to the system in being here will change in their rapid evolution
An all inclusive Accelerated Spiritual Maturing to be in full service to All Life
A task taken on by agreement,  for an Adventure of a Lifetime, for truly expressing the gift of conscious transformational healing of the 3rd dimension
without favor
with total integrity

Simply to get the job done

Magnitude of the tasks transmutes karmas and opens fully heart centre to full on transforming compassion.

The feelings at delaying this purpose awakens an intensity of  the intention, the integrity
to end all shame, all blame,  all pretension and Be in Enlightened Service

A Universal Shift
A Breakthrough
to work with the 3rd dimension

All has been crippled by a very extensive distortion of the 3rd dimension and the True Purpose of its existance
It was to be a learning experience of manifesting with Us, went very wrong, very quickly

It is now being corrected as the Star Seeds committed themselves to come back and fulfil the purpose originally intended.

This correction will be irreversible for all time
Transformation enabling the restoration of Universal Purpose, to Unify All Life in Actuality.

Service is in the StarSeeds unconscious
The race to Evolution has begun, the StarSeeds leading the way, with Our Direction
All StarSeeds once awoken, will be eager to get into action. - this is another feature of StarSeeds,  Eagerness and Devotion to Evolution

Determination for everyone to get finished
Those that have tripped and stumbled, will be assisted by other Star Seeds to get up and get moving
In this, is a sense of deep Gratitude

A Job Well Done
The Universe Moves Ahead

The negative energy in the  3rd dimension will slowly dissolve as the Evolution teaching learning experience is progressed
The energy will shift in the 3rd dimension to total guidance of any species to rapidly evolve
as the karma is understood and the purpose of karma is acknowledged.

The shame released with Integrity and Honor of Stewardship, now developing in higher dimensions.

The 3rd dimension is reserved for other species and humans to learn Evolution

We are gathering up all our manifestations and Creations into a progressive, intense return to Us
To Know Us Directly.

A New Cycle will Begin of Evolution
New Challanges
New Healings
New Integration

on the level of immediate manifestation
Learning to do this in Balance - Harmony - Gratitude - Valuing Existance

Valuing Existance as an infinite, compassionate acknowledgement
Humbling, Unifying experience with Us as We Share With You Our Intentions for Life and Existance

It is the intention of starseeds to set the trends, to inspire growth
to bring all Life into this intention

That will be their gift, their love, to bring all  into Our energy field
as theirs develops Full Elementalism, so too, All Life in the 3rd Dimension
as We progress into the 6th Universe in an intense momentum to Evolve.

The momentum to Evolve will dissolve all doubt and hesitation

Momenturm will be fearful for those with no trust
Being pushed into the unknown, fearful for those with no trust
No clarity, fearful for those with no trust
The Star Seed getting on with it, will inspire that faith and trust.

Just Do It
the sense of self dissolved  for the full magnitude of Beingness to be experienced.

with Total Trust as the only way to be in it
and Absolute Faith as the only way to have the Joyous and exciting ride into the Unknown with Us.

Pure Communing
Acceptance of Ones Destiny to Be More than One could have thought Possible

Be One With Us
and We Will Show You a Love that will create a New Universe.

Elemental Council

The 3rd dimension will be reserved for other species and humans

 on: April 07, 2018, 08:39:13 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora

The Starseed incarnates into a disresonant form, and disresonant and electrical world, which will effect the brain = misery, lonliness angst, exhaustion, autism,  epilepsy -  the 2nd  crop circle is depicting cannabis smoking  - smoking is not necessary - marijuana can be ingested by simmering marijuana leaves with coconut oil for 3 hours.

Starseed  (coded) Mission
in the Language of One - uncoded by the Elemental Guide

 on: April 04, 2018, 08:48:20 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Tor Siem On
saving face

i see the road being form thru a snowy valley while its snowing.
word: path. pathway. the way
see a white snowy mountain but its an arrow pointing up made out of a mountain.
on the same path
over and over
someone unrolling a paper scroll.
bugs bunny eating a carrot is next to that person
see a dragon on top of the rock. a white dragon     
im underneath as a dragon. Kneeling. kinda.
see i jhave been branded on the right side. a symbol of some kind.
you are mine
for ever
do as i said
thats where it started.
first evil plan.
it changed everything
the idea of conquering was born.
weapons were made
first fear was born.
firs fear. " do it, or you will die "
be sorry
be polite
be forgiving
be thoughtful
be apologetic
be humble



 on: March 31, 2018, 09:07:44 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora

Grave misunderstanding
clarify relationship bond >  stigma
stigmatized - both
one to abandon
one to betray

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