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 on: September 15, 2017, 05:31:06 AM 
Started by marceloknez - Last post by marceloknez
You guys should change this forum in to " the heart of the bullshit"

 on: June 12, 2017, 08:43:24 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Arth Shift '24 Preparation Plan Mobilization

> Making everyone safe
> Giving every person a role and a purpose - with always Service in mind.
> Food contingency planning
  ** Lets Start U Growing - yard/unit/flat/room
  ** Growing - Fermentation - Treatment making -  Free Energy Device Workshop
> Emergency Services in place
> Communication Links
> Community & Unification Establishment >>  Sek Elvenesce Community Centres

Note:  'Lets Start U Growing" is a plan to start growing and getting used to gardening
principles  through Elemental Guidance... whether indoors or outdoors. - small space or large space
urban, city or country.

 on: June 12, 2017, 08:38:04 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora


•   EMEC Community Action Group Workshops
•   Elemental & EnT Technical Institute
•   Sek El’venesce First Wave &  NAPP Stage 1  Supply
•   EHC Mag’force & Military Alliance


EMEC Solution Control  -  Extraction Taskforcing

Children - Removing from harm, making safe, receiving loving care and therapy.
•   Homeless Children
•   Abused parentless children
•   Abused parented children
Parentless children to designated pre arranged  house parents – children to receive Elemental mental therapy.
Parented abused children temporarily removed to designated and pre arranged  house parents – children to receive Elemental Mental Therapy  –  Parents to receive mental healing treatments and therapy and be the recipients of Stage 1 Sek Elevenesce Community setups.

Adult -  Extrication, loving care and therapy.
targeted – harassed -  threatened – incarcerated – watched -
Adult Extraction:
Brainwashed Awakening -  minders, spys, hitmen, torturers,  saboteurs, murderers, murderers of children, awakening to horror.
Safe House Setup -  EnT Sanctuary for treatments and mental healing therapys.

War prisoners,  political prisoners to be released.

Innocent prisoners are known – prisons will be notified who the innocent are for release.

Slaves – anyone being kept against their will
•   EMEC Homeless Relief Centres – pre-arranged
•   EMEC Youth Hostels – pre-arranged


Sek El’Venesce  Construction Taskforcing

Sek El’venesce Stage 1 Construction
Stage 1 for global flooding evacuees

Architect & Elemental Design and Specification prearranged
Sek El’venesce Building Manuals
Sek El’venesce models constructed
Sek El’venesce House and Support Systems Prefabrication Packs
Sek El’venesce Support & Assistance Network

Registry of 1 st wave Sek El’venesce Recipients
the  First Sek El’venesce recipients are Global Flooding evacuees and disadvantaged
Sek El’venesce Manual Comprehension  and responsibility coherence.
Elemental & EnT Mentorship  Governance - fully capable and cope-sync


EMEC Supply Taskforcing

EMEC Community Action Group -  Workshop Supply  Taskforcing
Community Building with grounds,   pre arranged
Specialized Equipment
Neo Energy Crucible Production
Engine and motor production
Vehicle production
Fermentation, Medicines &  Food
Diagnosis & Treatment
El’venesce Agrarianism

Elemental & EnT Technical Institute Taskforcing
Student Attendance -  Elemental Selection
•   Building Acquisition prearranged
•   Specialized Equipment  prearranged
•   Tools
•   Materials
•   Accomodation for students

Curriculum -   All workshop setups
•   Elemental & EnT Mentorship
•   Neo Energy Crucible  Production
•   Engines and Motors
•   Communications
•   Absolute Sciences Applications
•   Fermentation
•   Diagnosis & Treatment Profiling
•   El’venesce Agrarianism

NAPP Sek Supply Operations Stage 1
Taskforcing EMEC Supply Items  for First Wave Sek El’venesce recipients
Specific items and amounts
•   Seeds
•   Fruit & Nut Tree
•   Tree Seed
•   Agricultural Supplies
•   Tool Supplies
•   Household goods supplies

Taskforcing Supplier  Setups
Recipient contacts supplier, supplier contacts emec for payment, supplier to organise delivery


EHC Magorial Elemental High  Command Taskforcing

EHC Mag’force & Military Alliance Command Headquarters Setup
•   Guardian, Humanitarian  and PeaceKeeping Role
•   NAPP Military Involvement –  From Phase 4
•   Nibiru-Earth Harmonious Relationship  Orienteering Operations

EHC Mag’force &  Military Alliance  Communication Taskforcing
Global Communications setup
Public Military Intelligence  Info Setup – absolute transparency
PeaceKeeping Role activation  to sta
Military Assistance for Members  Elemental & EnT Mentorship

EHC Mag’force & Military Alliance – Arth Galactical Broadcasting & Communications Headquarters
•   Alliance Communication Broadcasting Headquarters
•   Nibiru – Earth Communications Command Centre
•   Earth-Nibiru Communication EHC Mag’force & Militiary Alliance
Military technology and  EHC Mag’force governance



 on: April 19, 2017, 10:24:02 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora

The 13 Tenets of Life Reformation -  Absolute Healing a multi dimensional, multi-verse event


 on: February 11, 2017, 05:26:21 PM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Kinetic Kremin  Bul Transliteration
(bul = shift - in Language of One)

Lem'Ur Procedural Format

 on: January 04, 2017, 07:23:47 PM 
Started by Windory - Last post by Windory
[6:02:23 PM] J Typin: new year greetings
[6:03:25 PM] Tor'Bem: thank you, great to be on the start/begining again
[6:03:42 PM] J Typin: agreed great year ahead
[6:04:13 PM] J Typin: accessing the inaccessable
[6:06:45 PM] Tor'Bem: see word seperate, in a vision i could see one torned picture being put back together by a tape-stick together, word headcross
[6:08:11 PM] J Typin: lovingly done
[6:10:01 PM] Tor'Bem: choose channel, chill out, diverted (see one person got distracted by looking at one screen pictures moving)
[6:12:32 PM] Tor'Bem: picturesque
[6:13:18 PM] J Typin: restoration - see above light bulb hanging down with pull cord
[6:14:06 PM] Tor'Bem: see open door, words: inviting in
[6:14:39 PM] J Typin: see hand reach up and turn on light - it lights up a basement
[6:16:20 PM] J Typin: see old painted canvases standing up stacked against walls - very dusty
[6:17:51 PM] Tor'Bem: wait on, sleep tight, see how i'm standing in one room, people laying there asleep, i have a light battery-only one awake, was using this light battery to point it out to my face, so i could do grimase-scary/spooky faces
[6:18:13 PM] Tor'Bem: stand without a clue
[6:21:23 PM] J Typin: hidden talents
[6:22:30 PM] J Typin: correcting perceptions
[6:25:20 PM] Tor'Bem: watch on scenarios-observer potentials (see observing actions of others-looking for agendas, secret truth), watch imply
[6:26:37 PM] J Typin: neutral - no judgment
[6:27:29 PM] J Typin: truth seeking
[6:28:05 PM] J Typin: see walking in dark holding a candle protected by hand
[6:28:12 PM] Tor'Bem: neural arts, crafting
[6:29:33 PM] J Typin: neural?
[6:31:53 PM] Tor'Bem: this word came (conected with nerves), see like a set of beans-some are staying there, other fall through-combined it shows like a pattern you can reflect in others, cause is the same as yours-see people faces that i've met, with them i fould i had sth in common
[6:32:57 PM] Tor'Bem: attachment lines
[6:33:45 PM] J Typin: networking
[6:33:58 PM] Tor'Bem: reflect on shame
[6:37:24 PM] J Typin: ugly personality dysfunction recognition - know what to do - support working through
[6:37:39 PM] Tor'Bem: well proven, diagnosis, see people talking to me like they want to make me believe on what they are saying
[6:39:04 PM] J Typin: redirection to harmful energy chart processing
[6:39:28 PM] Tor'Bem: stay impartial
[6:52:15 PM] Tor'Bem: effulgent
[6:54:50 PM] Tor'Bem: locked up
[7:02:50 PM] J Typin:  thank you - end session?
[7:03:57 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, sorry for not doing more messaging-elementals arranged one person to call me on the phone, was away
[7:07:37 PM] J Typin: okay thank you - see curtains but see slight opening at bottom
[7:08:43 PM] Tor'Bem: probably time arrangement, tomorrow i'll be absent
[7:09:23 PM] J Typin: okay fri good?
[7:09:54 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, thank you

 on: December 20, 2016, 06:45:33 PM 
Started by Windory - Last post by Windory
[6:07:55 PM] Tor'Bem: okey
[6:08:06 PM] Tor'Bem: do we have a session?
[6:08:16 PM] J Typin: yes
[6:09:35 PM] J Typin: short one
[6:10:19 PM] Tor'Bem: that allright with me
[6:12:18 PM] Tor'Bem: see people exchanging information by whispering in others ears
[6:14:07 PM] Tor'Bem: look for, see how i'm trying to pick up sth from one sack, like when you have an opportunity to choose sth you don't see
[6:14:17 PM] Tor'Bem: affirmation stood out
[6:15:16 PM] Tor'Bem: aftermath
[6:16:05 PM] Tor'Bem: see nickel coins around my neck, looks like a necklace, i'm weighting it
[6:17:53 PM] Tor'Bem: spread
[6:23:31 PM] Tor'Bem: Look over, see watching my reflection in one big circular mirror, when it gets turned around
[6:26:54 PM] Tor'Bem: steady flow
[6:35:55 PM] Tor'Bem: fear govern punishes us back
[6:36:14 PM] Tor'Bem: do you see end of session?
[6:36:21 PM] J Typin:   yes
[6:36:51 PM] J Typin: thank you Tor'Bem
[6:37:14 PM] Tor'Bem: thank you, if there are some news/messages i have internet available, mail also
[6:38:31 PM] J Typin: yes will contact thank you
[6:39:29 PM] J Typin: will post
[6:39:55 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, thanks for session and posting
[6:40:02 PM] J Typin: bye

 on: December 17, 2016, 07:35:55 PM 
Started by Windory - Last post by Windory
[6:00:33 PM] J Typin: good morning Tor'Bem
[6:03:15 PM] Tor'Bem: Hi Windory
[6:05:09 PM] J Typin: sanguine keeping
[6:05:15 PM] Tor'Bem: no peace, emposed
[6:06:17 PM] Tor'Bem: see one person colouring one sheep in black, surrounded by sheeps
[6:07:32 PM] Tor'Bem: comfort
[6:10:21 PM] Tor'Bem: see one person with electric scissors, he starts shawing them, look alike
[6:10:30 PM] Tor'Bem: unbourden
[6:12:21 PM] J Typin: sameness
[6:16:20 PM] J Typin: managing crises
[6:18:31 PM] Tor'Bem: taking measures (see measure tape covering one's body), come close
[6:18:58 PM] Tor'Bem: some close, same close
[6:19:26 PM] Tor'Bem: redefined
[6:19:45 PM] Tor'Bem: shipment
[6:20:30 PM] J Typin: measure up - be evaluated
[6:22:25 PM] J Typin: sorry off track
[6:22:57 PM] Tor'Bem: insist on
[6:23:15 PM] Tor'Bem: be natural
[6:28:00 PM] Tor'Bem: on the roof, see looking at one roof, a person is standing there, i'm observing it (sense where freedom/allowance can get you)
[6:29:16 PM] Tor'Bem: pick up nonsense
[6:31:47 PM] Tor'Bem: deal with
[6:32:28 PM] Tor'Bem: growing the same
[6:34:20 PM] J Typin: too many potential meanings - hesitation
[6:35:17 PM] J Typin: which is correct direction to go in
[6:36:36 PM] Tor'Bem: shape fit
[6:38:19 PM] Tor'Bem: Siberia, see two persons sitting around the fire, one woman feels cold, holds hands above fire, when man sees this, he goes to pick up one blanket and covers her, word offering stood out
[6:40:08 PM] J Typin: comfort
[6:40:08 PM] Tor'Bem: lift up meaning
[6:40:28 PM] Tor'Bem: words above fire
[6:41:28 PM] Tor'Bem: prone
[6:44:53 PM] Tor'Bem: change outfit
[6:46:49 PM] J Typin: get warmer clothes - metaphor
[6:47:36 PM] Tor'Bem: see us gathered, with outfits, when you came like you didn't need any, estranged, strange to see you like this
[6:52:05 PM] Tor'Bem: see you like a prophet
[6:53:34 PM] Tor'Bem: visionar
[6:53:58 PM] J Typin: transcending
[6:54:02 PM] Tor'Bem: look over
[6:54:32 PM | Edited 6:54:44 PM] J Typin: over look physical discomfort
[6:55:37 PM] J Typin: denial of physical reality
[6:57:27 PM] Tor'Bem: tiresome
[7:00:05 PM] Tor'Bem: hand over
[7:04:21 PM] Tor'Bem: saw mistreat, mistaken (see one young boy walking like he doesn't have power in one feet-like he saw one elder man doing it
[7:10:17 PM] Tor'Bem: sew up
[7:11:46 PM] Tor'Bem: see some stiches being done-when it's time to tighten up, person softens it at first, but then sews it anyway
[7:11:58 PM] Tor'Bem: keep presence
[7:12:21 PM] Tor'Bem: act round and round
[7:12:51 PM] Tor'Bem: walk in rounds
[7:14:36 PM] Tor'Bem: roof on fire, see one person blowing wind to set fire in this roof (from smoke comming out first), smoke is seen also from top of your head
[7:17:18 PM] Tor'Bem: how to stop the smoke (trigger)? see you walking where you find yourself in the midst of fog (word introvert stood out)
[7:18:46 PM] J Typin: something triggering - unclear - Entmerge > see turbulent stream - water being buffetted by sharp rocks - churning - spinning in whirlpools - not flowing down main channel - distractions
[7:20:02 PM] Tor'Bem: entherpreteur
[7:22:14 PM] Tor'Bem: speak test-you find this silly, detest, turn around-convenient
[7:26:36 PM] Tor'Bem: tost
[7:27:10 PM] Tor'Bem: sensed connection with Menesh and Torion
[7:27:59 PM] Tor'Bem: see how one moves away one chair, another was about to sit on, land on floor
[7:28:24 PM] Tor'Bem: end of session?
[7:28:25 PM] J Typin: the dots are there but not quite connecting as dots keep moving around - appearing and disaappearing - not fast enough to keep up
[7:28:55 PM] Tor'Bem: i also don't know it's meaning
[7:28:59 PM] Tor'Bem: indications
[7:29:58 PM] J Typin: yes - thank you  for session still good to be in these sessions even if not always clear  - thank yo again i will post
[7:30:18 PM] Tor'Bem: thanks, changes ahead
[7:30:31 PM] J Typin: get big ones
[7:30:39 PM] Tor'Bem: cool
[7:30:49 PM] J Typin: bye
[7:30:57 PM] Tor'Bem: Bye

 on: December 16, 2016, 01:47:30 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by tonam
I will wait to hear back from you I guess, as these postings were from way back... and I never received the treatment(s)/package that was supposed to have been sent in the past as we had talked about on a couple of occasions.... if it was sent, it never arrived, or I never received it, for whatever reason....

 on: December 16, 2016, 01:42:24 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by tonam
I haven't been able to download a readable version of the attachment with the treatment regimen for this posting.... 

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