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 on: April 19, 2017, 10:24:02 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora

The 13 Tenets of Life Reformation -  Absolute Healing a multi dimensional, multi-verse event


 on: February 11, 2017, 05:26:21 PM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Kinetic Kremin  Bul Transliteration
(bul = shift - in Language of One)

Lem'Ur Procedural Format

 on: January 04, 2017, 07:23:47 PM 
Started by Windory - Last post by Windory
[6:02:23 PM] J Typin: new year greetings
[6:03:25 PM] Tor'Bem: thank you, great to be on the start/begining again
[6:03:42 PM] J Typin: agreed great year ahead
[6:04:13 PM] J Typin: accessing the inaccessable
[6:06:45 PM] Tor'Bem: see word seperate, in a vision i could see one torned picture being put back together by a tape-stick together, word headcross
[6:08:11 PM] J Typin: lovingly done
[6:10:01 PM] Tor'Bem: choose channel, chill out, diverted (see one person got distracted by looking at one screen pictures moving)
[6:12:32 PM] Tor'Bem: picturesque
[6:13:18 PM] J Typin: restoration - see above light bulb hanging down with pull cord
[6:14:06 PM] Tor'Bem: see open door, words: inviting in
[6:14:39 PM] J Typin: see hand reach up and turn on light - it lights up a basement
[6:16:20 PM] J Typin: see old painted canvases standing up stacked against walls - very dusty
[6:17:51 PM] Tor'Bem: wait on, sleep tight, see how i'm standing in one room, people laying there asleep, i have a light battery-only one awake, was using this light battery to point it out to my face, so i could do grimase-scary/spooky faces
[6:18:13 PM] Tor'Bem: stand without a clue
[6:21:23 PM] J Typin: hidden talents
[6:22:30 PM] J Typin: correcting perceptions
[6:25:20 PM] Tor'Bem: watch on scenarios-observer potentials (see observing actions of others-looking for agendas, secret truth), watch imply
[6:26:37 PM] J Typin: neutral - no judgment
[6:27:29 PM] J Typin: truth seeking
[6:28:05 PM] J Typin: see walking in dark holding a candle protected by hand
[6:28:12 PM] Tor'Bem: neural arts, crafting
[6:29:33 PM] J Typin: neural?
[6:31:53 PM] Tor'Bem: this word came (conected with nerves), see like a set of beans-some are staying there, other fall through-combined it shows like a pattern you can reflect in others, cause is the same as yours-see people faces that i've met, with them i fould i had sth in common
[6:32:57 PM] Tor'Bem: attachment lines
[6:33:45 PM] J Typin: networking
[6:33:58 PM] Tor'Bem: reflect on shame
[6:37:24 PM] J Typin: ugly personality dysfunction recognition - know what to do - support working through
[6:37:39 PM] Tor'Bem: well proven, diagnosis, see people talking to me like they want to make me believe on what they are saying
[6:39:04 PM] J Typin: redirection to harmful energy chart processing
[6:39:28 PM] Tor'Bem: stay impartial
[6:52:15 PM] Tor'Bem: effulgent
[6:54:50 PM] Tor'Bem: locked up
[7:02:50 PM] J Typin:  thank you - end session?
[7:03:57 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, sorry for not doing more messaging-elementals arranged one person to call me on the phone, was away
[7:07:37 PM] J Typin: okay thank you - see curtains but see slight opening at bottom
[7:08:43 PM] Tor'Bem: probably time arrangement, tomorrow i'll be absent
[7:09:23 PM] J Typin: okay fri good?
[7:09:54 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, thank you

 on: December 20, 2016, 06:45:33 PM 
Started by Windory - Last post by Windory
[6:07:55 PM] Tor'Bem: okey
[6:08:06 PM] Tor'Bem: do we have a session?
[6:08:16 PM] J Typin: yes
[6:09:35 PM] J Typin: short one
[6:10:19 PM] Tor'Bem: that allright with me
[6:12:18 PM] Tor'Bem: see people exchanging information by whispering in others ears
[6:14:07 PM] Tor'Bem: look for, see how i'm trying to pick up sth from one sack, like when you have an opportunity to choose sth you don't see
[6:14:17 PM] Tor'Bem: affirmation stood out
[6:15:16 PM] Tor'Bem: aftermath
[6:16:05 PM] Tor'Bem: see nickel coins around my neck, looks like a necklace, i'm weighting it
[6:17:53 PM] Tor'Bem: spread
[6:23:31 PM] Tor'Bem: Look over, see watching my reflection in one big circular mirror, when it gets turned around
[6:26:54 PM] Tor'Bem: steady flow
[6:35:55 PM] Tor'Bem: fear govern punishes us back
[6:36:14 PM] Tor'Bem: do you see end of session?
[6:36:21 PM] J Typin:   yes
[6:36:51 PM] J Typin: thank you Tor'Bem
[6:37:14 PM] Tor'Bem: thank you, if there are some news/messages i have internet available, mail also
[6:38:31 PM] J Typin: yes will contact thank you
[6:39:29 PM] J Typin: will post
[6:39:55 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, thanks for session and posting
[6:40:02 PM] J Typin: bye

 on: December 17, 2016, 07:35:55 PM 
Started by Windory - Last post by Windory
[6:00:33 PM] J Typin: good morning Tor'Bem
[6:03:15 PM] Tor'Bem: Hi Windory
[6:05:09 PM] J Typin: sanguine keeping
[6:05:15 PM] Tor'Bem: no peace, emposed
[6:06:17 PM] Tor'Bem: see one person colouring one sheep in black, surrounded by sheeps
[6:07:32 PM] Tor'Bem: comfort
[6:10:21 PM] Tor'Bem: see one person with electric scissors, he starts shawing them, look alike
[6:10:30 PM] Tor'Bem: unbourden
[6:12:21 PM] J Typin: sameness
[6:16:20 PM] J Typin: managing crises
[6:18:31 PM] Tor'Bem: taking measures (see measure tape covering one's body), come close
[6:18:58 PM] Tor'Bem: some close, same close
[6:19:26 PM] Tor'Bem: redefined
[6:19:45 PM] Tor'Bem: shipment
[6:20:30 PM] J Typin: measure up - be evaluated
[6:22:25 PM] J Typin: sorry off track
[6:22:57 PM] Tor'Bem: insist on
[6:23:15 PM] Tor'Bem: be natural
[6:28:00 PM] Tor'Bem: on the roof, see looking at one roof, a person is standing there, i'm observing it (sense where freedom/allowance can get you)
[6:29:16 PM] Tor'Bem: pick up nonsense
[6:31:47 PM] Tor'Bem: deal with
[6:32:28 PM] Tor'Bem: growing the same
[6:34:20 PM] J Typin: too many potential meanings - hesitation
[6:35:17 PM] J Typin: which is correct direction to go in
[6:36:36 PM] Tor'Bem: shape fit
[6:38:19 PM] Tor'Bem: Siberia, see two persons sitting around the fire, one woman feels cold, holds hands above fire, when man sees this, he goes to pick up one blanket and covers her, word offering stood out
[6:40:08 PM] J Typin: comfort
[6:40:08 PM] Tor'Bem: lift up meaning
[6:40:28 PM] Tor'Bem: words above fire
[6:41:28 PM] Tor'Bem: prone
[6:44:53 PM] Tor'Bem: change outfit
[6:46:49 PM] J Typin: get warmer clothes - metaphor
[6:47:36 PM] Tor'Bem: see us gathered, with outfits, when you came like you didn't need any, estranged, strange to see you like this
[6:52:05 PM] Tor'Bem: see you like a prophet
[6:53:34 PM] Tor'Bem: visionar
[6:53:58 PM] J Typin: transcending
[6:54:02 PM] Tor'Bem: look over
[6:54:32 PM | Edited 6:54:44 PM] J Typin: over look physical discomfort
[6:55:37 PM] J Typin: denial of physical reality
[6:57:27 PM] Tor'Bem: tiresome
[7:00:05 PM] Tor'Bem: hand over
[7:04:21 PM] Tor'Bem: saw mistreat, mistaken (see one young boy walking like he doesn't have power in one feet-like he saw one elder man doing it
[7:10:17 PM] Tor'Bem: sew up
[7:11:46 PM] Tor'Bem: see some stiches being done-when it's time to tighten up, person softens it at first, but then sews it anyway
[7:11:58 PM] Tor'Bem: keep presence
[7:12:21 PM] Tor'Bem: act round and round
[7:12:51 PM] Tor'Bem: walk in rounds
[7:14:36 PM] Tor'Bem: roof on fire, see one person blowing wind to set fire in this roof (from smoke comming out first), smoke is seen also from top of your head
[7:17:18 PM] Tor'Bem: how to stop the smoke (trigger)? see you walking where you find yourself in the midst of fog (word introvert stood out)
[7:18:46 PM] J Typin: something triggering - unclear - Entmerge > see turbulent stream - water being buffetted by sharp rocks - churning - spinning in whirlpools - not flowing down main channel - distractions
[7:20:02 PM] Tor'Bem: entherpreteur
[7:22:14 PM] Tor'Bem: speak test-you find this silly, detest, turn around-convenient
[7:26:36 PM] Tor'Bem: tost
[7:27:10 PM] Tor'Bem: sensed connection with Menesh and Torion
[7:27:59 PM] Tor'Bem: see how one moves away one chair, another was about to sit on, land on floor
[7:28:24 PM] Tor'Bem: end of session?
[7:28:25 PM] J Typin: the dots are there but not quite connecting as dots keep moving around - appearing and disaappearing - not fast enough to keep up
[7:28:55 PM] Tor'Bem: i also don't know it's meaning
[7:28:59 PM] Tor'Bem: indications
[7:29:58 PM] J Typin: yes - thank you  for session still good to be in these sessions even if not always clear  - thank yo again i will post
[7:30:18 PM] Tor'Bem: thanks, changes ahead
[7:30:31 PM] J Typin: get big ones
[7:30:39 PM] Tor'Bem: cool
[7:30:49 PM] J Typin: bye
[7:30:57 PM] Tor'Bem: Bye

 on: December 16, 2016, 01:47:30 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by tonam
I will wait to hear back from you I guess, as these postings were from way back... and I never received the treatment(s)/package that was supposed to have been sent in the past as we had talked about on a couple of occasions.... if it was sent, it never arrived, or I never received it, for whatever reason....

 on: December 16, 2016, 01:42:24 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by tonam
I haven't been able to download a readable version of the attachment with the treatment regimen for this posting.... 

 on: December 15, 2016, 07:32:23 PM 
Started by Windory - Last post by Windory
[5:58:42 PM] J Typin: good morning
[6:05:11 PM] Tor'Bem: hi there
[6:06:59 PM] Tor'Bem: change of sentiment, sob, enfuel
[6:09:11 PM] J Typin: start over
[6:13:09 PM] Tor'Bem: prolonged carry, adjustments
[6:24:48 PM] Tor'Bem: see one man, with his hands he corrects his throusers little higher (gesture of comodity), words: peace, pave the way-see shaking hands with another person-we both use our both hands
[6:26:36 PM] Tor'Bem: life ties
[6:29:35 PM] J Typin: connecting telepathically
[6:30:08 PM] Tor'Bem: feedback
[6:35:35 PM] Tor'Bem: saw slo. word: plans
[6:37:11 PM] Tor'Bem: see one person standing beneath a lightbulb, that has a line, he turns it on and the off (continuosly)
[6:37:29 PM] Tor'Bem: standing in the shade/shadows
[6:37:37 PM] Tor'Bem: looks around
[6:38:43 PM] Tor'Bem: fear flat-see one dough on the table (words being served), then i see models in shape of letters being used on this dough
[6:38:52 PM] Tor'Bem: looks certain
[6:39:58 PM] Tor'Bem: infant, see one grown up watching someone else doing it, when he decided to join in, word trust stood out
[6:42:02 PM] Tor'Bem: keep practice
[6:45:37 PM] Tor'Bem: chin up
[6:46:39 PM] Tor'Bem: one part of the song appeared: keep on sailing
[6:46:52 PM] Tor'Bem: siblings, appearing
[6:47:44 PM] Tor'Bem: absolute ground
[6:47:53 PM] Tor'Bem: fixing
[6:49:00 PM] Tor'Bem: someone else joining
[6:49:33 PM] Tor'Bem: like non physical, being aware of it's presence
[6:50:09 PM] Tor'Bem: look over you shoulder (Phill Collins song)
[6:53:15 PM] Tor'Bem: keep presence
[6:54:45 PM] Tor'Bem: keep present also stood out-connected with one question: what if someone offers you to buy a present, but you aren't familiar with him? What should you do?
[6:55:59 PM] Tor'Bem: keep comming back, see people from the past comming again in contact with me
[6:57:24 PM] Tor'Bem: energy intel
[7:04:11 PM] J Typin:  acknowledging lineage ancestors healing them from karmic entrapment - gathering up lost fragments of self
[7:10:36 PM] J Typin: witnessing - peaceful without judgment - compassionate neutrality - letting go past
[7:11:56 PM] Tor'Bem: light centre
[7:16:05 PM] Tor'Bem: depth
[7:18:20 PM] Tor'Bem: playing out nonchalant
[7:22:49 PM] Tor'Bem: belief in the centre
[7:24:40 PM] Tor'Bem: apply
[7:24:59 PM] Tor'Bem: end of session?
[7:25:46 PM] J Typin: yes - thank you Tor'Bem i will post
[7:26:07 PM] Tor'Bem: thank you, good night
[7:26:15 PM] J Typin: blessings bye

 on: December 14, 2016, 08:16:51 PM 
Started by Windory - Last post by Windory
[6:02:01 PM] J Typin: Hi
[6:21:00 PM] Tor'Bem: Hi Windory, sorry if i'm late. Was posting today's dreams
[6:26:28 PM] J Typin: emerging - bee leaving beehive getting direction to fly off
[6:31:50 PM] Tor'Bem: firm set, outcast (see one classroom, i was only one there, reading sth)
[6:38:06 PM] Tor'Bem: see one film tape, being quickly collected, but then it unrolles, word even, see one stick being broken on half, in behalf, a custom, customary, whilst-see like a teacher with this stick, he showed me to stand up and beat me with this stick-arms and legs (open wounds)
[6:39:27 PM] Tor'Bem: tijuana stood out
[6:40:55 PM] Tor'Bem: carefree
[6:46:27 PM] J Typin:  sense i'm the teacher
[6:47:02 PM] J Typin: make an example of
[6:47:49 PM] Tor'Bem: persecue
[6:48:03 PM] Tor'Bem: fear driven
[6:48:17 PM] Tor'Bem: deal with
[6:51:12 PM] Tor'Bem: sin example
[6:52:31 PM] Tor'Bem: see you're imaging some things, when in real is just opposite. I wake you up, when i hand you note (assignment)
[6:54:18 PM] Tor'Bem: day taker, see you turn one classroom into a dark place (no light goes in)
[6:54:34 PM] Tor'Bem: implanting
[6:57:39 PM] Tor'Bem: rare find out
[7:04:08 PM] Tor'Bem: see one light code (like in the movie matrix), lights up the code, see your heading there, what sth to change, leave out-words: ruins, mellow (antidote)
[7:06:00 PM] Tor'Bem: see one elemental, girl that has radient yellow hair, she hugs you and gets you distracted from moving on, you get inside her world, all yellow
[7:09:44 PM] Tor'Bem: see your putting down one dragoon costume, that has spikes
[7:10:49 PM] Tor'Bem: paint off
[7:11:30 PM] Tor'Bem: see you all in yellow, you realize it and decided to go to have a shower
[7:12:03 PM] Tor'Bem: realistic
[7:13:42 PM] Tor'Bem: piff
[7:14:43 PM] Tor'Bem: my nose started to hurt, like i sniffed some drug (affect), is this the meaning of this word?
[7:15:56 PM] Tor'Bem: I haven't done this, i just explained bodily affect
[7:16:27 PM] J Typin:   side effect of drug
[7:16:33 PM] Tor'Bem: yes
[7:18:04 PM] Tor'Bem: haha, we were drug buddies, i got confirmation (see us getting stoned in one room), lines on the table
[7:18:36 PM] J Typin: mellow yellow
[7:18:42 PM] Tor'Bem: oh, what a life (in rethoric sense)
[7:19:03 PM] Tor'Bem: lined up
[7:19:23 PM] Tor'Bem: imprinted
[7:20:17 PM] Tor'Bem: taking share, sceptic
[7:20:44 PM] J Typin: 2 karmas
[7:21:51 PM] Tor'Bem: feel pain in my whrists, like i cut them
[7:23:08 PM] Tor'Bem: decrease
[7:24:20 PM] Tor'Bem: quitter
[7:25:46 PM] Tor'Bem: fear getting in the way
[7:28:06 PM] Tor'Bem: i see how drug was injected, you were the one doing it (how much others could take), measure
[7:29:31 PM] Tor'Bem: gave you power
[7:29:53 PM] Tor'Bem: others were like puppies after it
[7:32:05 PM] Tor'Bem: interesting, yesterday when MaeYal and i went to pay a visit to one man, MaeYal knows-this fear appeared at once (like we'll be drugged or imprisoned inside his appartment)
[7:34:15 PM] J Typin: both happened in this past life
[7:35:23 PM] J Typin: with me
[7:36:14 PM] Tor'Bem: i believe, cause you would be the first one i would inform you on these fears
[7:39:38 PM] Tor'Bem: that explains why i couldn't go to have a session when you moved to a seperate house back in Montville (had these scenes in my head, i could get imprisoned by you)
[7:40:31 PM] J Typin: yes from Dori
[7:44:09 PM] Tor'Bem: change of set, see how i'm imprisoned in a cage, i got released, when i drove the same size circle on the ground, to stay there, word volunteer
[7:50:04 PM] Tor'Bem: end of session? these are huge stones (fears) being moved, thank you and sorry for this scary like perceptions
[7:50:21 PM] J Typin: shared psychosis
[7:50:40 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, these are burried fears
[7:50:49 PM] Tor'Bem: have some layers
[7:52:10 PM] Tor'Bem: shared energy-that's a way we get recognized and attracted
[7:53:26 PM] Tor'Bem: sedative and being scared/scattered of it
[7:56:49 PM] J Typin: get curtains
[7:57:22 PM] J Typin: need to feel through for me
[7:57:51 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, i'm like: what was that all about, but it's a step forward
[7:58:36 PM] J Typin: distrust of life being sane
[7:59:53 PM] Tor'Bem: can't believe that was me (fear surrounded)
[8:01:00 PM] Tor'Bem: will you post?
[8:01:31 PM] J Typin: yes thank you for great session
[8:01:40 PM] J Typin: warmest
[8:01:50 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, all well, bye

 on: December 14, 2016, 06:19:57 PM 
Started by Tor'Bem - Last post by Tor'Bem
I dreamt about my aunt, she was at our place, paying a visit, when she spoke about some remarks she was being hiven on behalf of her appearance (some lady told her she isn't pretty), so she explained how she went to visit one plastic surgeon-he told her that he could operate on her but the cost would be sleeping with him. When my mum heard that, she handcuffed her and while this happened, i was having a conversation with her (she looked like her daughter (all yung), when i noticed she doesn't have breasts (she told me they cut them off-disease), when she was being hold emprisoned by this cuffs-another part of these cuffs was being connected to a tree. Her family saw what happened, were surprised, when aunt decided to escape by her own-she cut down the tree, by which she was held, that tree fell on her daugther, also she cut down one tree more. Mum told her sth important (that is inevitable to escape the punish-from her side would be mild, but otherwise there is also more rough awaiting. At that point i saw aunt has seen her executer-he showed her what he's prepared to do (he will strangle her by one scarf), in a vision of the continuing of these dreams i saw how was encouraged to explore with fears that i had them (other were cherring to continue), when i saw how destiny caught my aunt to pay out her debt being finished by rough executer-he waited for her in one public place, see like i was with her, observing her fear, she saw him, but was on edge, because he hold her in detention quite some time, before he showed up again to finish what he started.

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