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Author Topic: Nibiru Today  (Read 2323 times)


Nibiru Today
« on: October 24, 2014, 12:57:33 PM »

Planetary and Specie Transcendence
3. Nibiru
• Nibiru and Nibiruans Future
• Nibiru
• The Galactical Sounds of Nibiru
• Nibiru Welcoming Party
• The Evacuation and Relocation Plan for Nibiruans

Nibiru and Nibiruans Future -  from the Uni Ve Nireng Onn
It is no accidental occurrence that Nibiru is in the neighbourhood of an
inaugural Humans Transcendence
It is no accidental occurrence that Nibiru has become unlivable in this
There will be no accidental occurrence for Nibiru’s Planetary future
There will be no accidental occurrence for Nibiruans future
There will be no accidental occurrence of when and where Nibiru will be
All has been planned by the Uni Ve Nireng Onn – Elemental Council of
Ancients, for Nibiruans to be included in Arth’s Preparation for Planetary and
Specie Transcendence.

Nibiru is a planet from the Aldebaran system called Shiva.
Shiva is a sister planet to Earth, who was called Tara, and was also from the
Aldebaran system.
Shiva/Nibiru is hollow planet, which is quite a common amongst planets.
Inhabitants lived on the surface initially.
This planet was first taken over, or annexed, by the Andromendans for
expanding their jurisdiction – with assistance by the unseen reptilians. The
Andromedans were, and still are,unaware of the reptilians influencing and
At first Nibiru was just an outpost in the Aldebaran system.
Through a set of circumstances that caused Tara to explode into 5 pieces,
which propelled Shiva/Nibiru off its orbital path and out of the galaxy.
The five Tara fragments also became planets, including Earth today.
At first Nibirus new orbit traversed a small area, then the orbit became larger
and longer.
It took the Andromedans 300 years to understand the profound ramifications
of what Nibiru had become. A planetary sized liveable, usable, satellite world
for exploration of new worlds and new species.
The Annanuki force was born.
Nibiru became a scientific exploration into worlds and species, which, in their
experimentation and obsessive quest for life extension, corrupted and
changed the DNA, the blueprint, the nature of the species they experimented
on, including human species.
They had no idea they were diminishing All Life, which in turn diminished themselves,
as they were part of the blueprint genome devaluation process, called karma.

Scientific exploration agendas into life, matter, cosmos, energy and longevity
became distorted, cruel and perverted. Species were changed, killed,
tortured, and often lives were made unbearable, through experiments.

The Annanuki are unconscious and unconscionable humans.
No planet or specie was safe from the Annanuki and their usury mentality.
The Annanuki would strip planets of their entire water supply – leaving
species to die and eventually go extinct.
Mining planets, leaving behind destruction and devastation.
Removing species – changing them – dumping them on other unfit or
inappropriate worlds.
Creating and recreating species to be their slaves and servants.

Humans today, throughout the Universe, Earth included, are experiencing the
karmic effect of the misery , pain and terror of experiments done on their
lineage a million years ago, such is the profound effect of karma.
And will be part of many karmas to release for all humans – as perpetrators
or as victims.
The orbit of Nibiru became a 1,400 year orbit. The extreme magnetism effect of
a moving large body would shift planets, moons and asteroids – with some
moving into Nibiru’s slipstream, causing a whipping tail effect from the
tractoring of Nibiru.

Nibiru has never crashed into another planet, but it has caused planets to
move from their axis and created a planetary annihilation. Earth’s axis
warble is the result of a Nibiruan passing.
The whipping tail does the most damage. It is the tail of debris,
asteroids/moons and planets that have crashed and smashed into other

Earth was tractored to this galaxy by Nibiru, 500,000 years ago.
Cro-Magnon man, prehistoric animal remains are when Earth was Tara in the Aldebaran

Mars, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Maldek and Thalia, were also tractored here by
Maldek is this galaxies asteroid belt. It was destroyed by Nibirus whipping
 Earth’s moon (and other moons in this galaxy) are Maldek fragments.
Thalia is presently in one of this Galaxies 3 black holes, due to a conflict with

The first seeding of humans on planet Earth was from Nibiru, 305,000 years

They were seeded  for a future use for mining.
These first humans are called the Seven Seeded Red Root Races, 2 of which
assimilated into other lineages and became extinct)
The surviving red root races today are, Tibetan, Mongolian, Mayan Indian,
Inuit, Koi’shin.
They were created on Nibiru using Sirian Birthmothers and a variety of male
The Second Seeding for Civilisation (and the End of Naturalism) – 300,000
years ago, was through an Annanuki seeding and scientific explorations and
expedition to mine earth, and to seek (and exploit) any longevity in amongst
the seeded root races.
80 Annanuki were involved including 5 who lived off-world on a Jupiter moon.
This is in the Ashtar, Enki, Enlil, Enok, story.

The Greek gods were the spoilt families of some members of this family.
The indigenous races refused to work in their mines, so more humans were
created by the Annanuki, to do the mining and other service work for the Anu.
Genetic manipulation by a quasi scientist to create the miners (dwarfism)
servers (Jewish race) and fighting race (Maori)

A severely unstable planet.
Many nuclear explosions have happened, and have poisoned much of the
internal Nibiru.
Nibiru has broken into 5 parts – and only being held together by the Elemental
Force controlling Nibiru’s movement and direction.
On one side of Nibiru are extensive outside-constructions.
Some a hundred miles long – now housing Nibiruans.
The population of Nibiru is 2 billion.
Four percent are Nibiruans - commanders, officers, governers.
350 Onglosh – spiritual order and advisers
Five percent are Tendaas - military rank and file.
The rest are workers, servants and slaves.

It is a military establishment that runs and abides to Military Law with
Onglosh order as the advising body.
Mainly because the reptilians hierachial 'royalty' their human counterparts are
the Onglosh members.

At times the Onglosh have been more of a dictatorship than an advising body.
This is due to the extreme overrule of the reptilians in the Onglosh order.
Hierachial reptilian politics rule the Nibiruans and also rule Earth, through elite

Energy supplies on Nibiru
Nuclear & Nuclear Core Transference Systems
Radio Active non-nuclear – mercury like substance
Nuclear Radionics
Plutonic Stabilizing Reactor
Laser Enducer Induction
Particle Enducers
Particle Disruption
Particle cell transduction
Electricity (minimal)
Radio Tele Michrodial Accumulator
Many multi-gas applications
Accumulator and accumulation

Nibiru had many vacuuming devices, drawing in space particles and dust as
they travelled.
Many minerals and ice collected
Accumulated matter is also mined on the outside.
Many of these operations have ceased due to the crumbling and contaminated
state of Nibiru.
Particle Disruption is for creating a protective field around the outside
However, the Nibiruan, as well as earth scientists, do not know how to
contain such disruptive and destruction energy.

The disruptive state around Nibiru is enormous and growing.

5 nuclear reactors have exploded in the last 4 years
Causing a chain reaction to a disturbance in the largest particle disrupter (3
hectares in size).
The disturbed particle disrupter is unstable - the mist like emissions affect
humans DNA and can have an instant aging effect
The Galactical Sounds of Nibiru
Air Distortion Displacement
Continuums Warp Effect
Continuums Spatial Displacement Effect
Continuums Tele Phonic Amplitude Capacity
Solar Projection Analysis
The Noises Constant to this Galaxy
Black Hole – 3
Asteroid Belt
Air Distortion Displacement

Nibiru’s external constructions movement and vibration.
• Naaaa ka ka ka – naaaa ka ka ka , with intervals of knocking
• High pitched scream with intervals of coughing noise
• Screeching scratching noise

Long constructions sway and warp analysis

• Wapping pattern 1. Oww – ting noise
owwwww (3 sec) – ting.
Ow is in the key of ‘g’ major, the tings are various
• Wapping Pattern 2. - siren like - ahh aaaa ahh aaaa ahh aaaa
Ah - E minor middle range - 5 secs :: aaa B flat high range - 7
canyon like cracks funnelled/channelled air effect
(these are the loudest)
• Long deep vroooom noise that is only interrupted when Nibiru is
behind Mars and behind Jupiter’s moons
Massive surface indention effect
• A wow wow wow vibration - the air partially circulating and leaving
3 to a second.

Continuum Warp Effect
Nibiru’s presence and movement has warped the various continuum’s
ethereal structures that comprise each continuum.
A continuum is a dimensional reality that exists within, above and below the
3rd dimensional reality.

• Jupiter’s moons - Kraken, Thebe, Io, Callisto will start to sway
• Saturn’s ring - obvious warp - 21 Oct for 3 days
• Earth moon - swaying - Starts November
• Earth moon - swaying and dipping – Starts December

Continuums Spatial Displacement Effect
The continuums are multi-dimensional realities with life in each
dimensional reality.
The ethereal structures that comprise each dimensional reality, and each
continuum, are living organic matter.
The noises presented in spatial displacement, are in fact, ethereal Elements
and Elementals being displaced and compromised, which is noiseless in the
3rd dimension. However the nature of the technology used to pick up real
actual galactical noise can also pick up etheric spatial displaced
compromise activity – which in the technology is depicted as ‘noise’.
Similar to human’s unrelenting background noise – Each brain organ is a
receiver for
ethereal sounds of the various Elemental displacement actions.
Compromised Elements and Elementals make a certain ‘sound’ due to the
compromise involved and due to the continuing actions to reunite, reform
and realign.
Separating - paralysing - pressing - squeezing - inundating – electrifying –
Separating due to particle disruption effect
Paralyzing due to nuclear and radioactive contamination, and electrification
Pressing – due to over-bloating of atomization
Squeezing – due to reduced particle matter pressing continuums
Inundated – due to continuum’s particle disruption separation
Electrifying – due to friction
It is this etheric spatial displacement activity that will be able to track
Nibiru, and track the two Nibiruan fleets.
Continuum’s Spatial Displacement Effect
Continuum’s Tele Phonic Amplitude Capacity
Solar Projection Analysis
The Noises Constant to this Galaxy
Black Hole – 3
Asteroid Belt

This work is still to be finalized. When finished and collated will be sent to
those interested.

• Nibiru-Earth welcome party
In the months leading up to Nibiru’s arrival the Elementals intend to guide
technicians on a radio speaking device that will facilitate communication
between the Nibiruan fleet and Earth human.

There will be no surprise party - they will know of the welcoming party.
And they will be aware of certain changes happening on this planet.

It has to be established right from the very first meeting what Arth humans
are attempting for the very first time in human’s history. Transcendence.
It has started, and we, the Elementals will let nothing stop the ultimate snow
balling and domino effect of self-realization.

Communicating Whilst En route
The Elementals know everyone in every craft – by name – and this will be
used to in the communication to establish the fact that the humans on earth
are not ordinary.
So that they know, the Nibiruans, Annanuki and Onglosh are coming to join
and be a part of something of such great magnitude yet to be fully
understood. Something they, too have never experienced, Immortality.
Though they may have some ‘up themselves” attitude due
to their long life
extension genetic modification, this is hardly immortality.
We want to make it as equally exciting to the Nibiruans and their reptilians as
it is for earth humans.
Free Energy Devices and appliances, have a great power to transform and
heal the surrounding areas. That is their nature, and that is the reason we
are starting off with these particular devices in the pipeline. To heal the
ethereal realms is crucial.
That is why nuclear and electricity must cease.
Why governments are required to assist their citizens in every way to facilitate
the new laws of absolute harmlessness. We expect compliance in this matter.
And that is why the Nibiruans will be requested to see the harmfulness to Us
in their weaponry and energy – and also comply with Arth’s Laws in this

A successful welcome party will rely on some human help.
** Interested technicians to make themselves known to us, to start getting the
ideas across for long wave sound extension
To interested technicians just say ‘I’m interested’ – and we will start to share
** Linquists to learn Andromedan - interested people just say ‘I’m interested’
– and we will start to share the basics of the language. It is based on Latin.
** Astronomers, astro-quantum-nuclear-curious-isicists
First allow the Elementals to share some facts with you, about Nibiru and
their energy sources that initially, you may think will be an exciting adventure
into new territory.
Sorry to say, it may be an intellectual excitement for you, but in truth, all their
technologies are harmful to the Elemental realm, and that is why there is no
Elemental realm on Nibiru. These energies have completely contaminated
Nibiru...as they would Earth.
So let us adhere to the non-harmful energies – that will help you travel the
cosmos and experience firsthand the rest of the Universe.
Allow us to lead you to new ideas and new concepts – on everything.
You the scientist, will not be sorry in the slightest that you are ignoring life -
for, in your communications with us, we will be revealing the quanta as you
have never known it ever before.
Giving you a special eyesight to see the ethereal realms.
Taking you on journeys into our world to experience us in our reality .
Giving you another brain organ to have an automatic feeling of transmagroffic
freedom to more higher states of consciousness, cosmic awareness and
intellectual cognition.
Successful relocation is reliant upon the Nibiruans desire for transcendence,
and a desire to be in Elemental Service and Human Stewardship
To recreate an inhabitable functioning planet – Mars.
The relocation of Nibiruans is for Earth and Mars.
6000 Humans for Earth
1.6 billion for Mars.
The First and Second Fleet Arrivals will relocate to Earth.
With their families from Nibiru, to join them.
Discussions between the Nibiruans and Earth military, will start on the
evacuation of the entire Nibiruan population to Mars.
To begin June 2016.
The communities on Mars, will be based on Elemental Communities for
ultimate transcendence.
Using Elemental methods for energy and water, and Elemental agrarian
This requires an Elemental Force to create a new Mars for human
With Elemental Congress leading the way on an entirely new way of
existence on Mars.

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