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Author Topic: Dream - Yacht  (Read 1227 times)


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Dream - Yacht
« on: June 10, 2015, 03:10:49 AM »


We got a report that there has been an accident on one of the big Yachts on the sea. My friend was a part of rescue team. But it looked like heís the only one. I joined him. He had a small speed boat to get to there but before that he wanted to show me a plan. He put a big plan on the paper in front of me on the sand and started explaining. He had covered everything. Everything was there. Altho i didnít understand everything i knew its gonna be fine. It was night and moon was up. So we head for the ocean and we came to the Yacht. Giant. Inside was all modern like a hotel. Big as a hotel. Wide always, modern, very futuristic, round path leading up. very nice. When we entered we separated. He went right me left. I came to the first person and was hurt at all. Playing something enjoying almost like nothing happened. I saw a couple of people one had injury and than there was this really big room where some people were hanging out and there was someone hurt and i think it was a kid and a dog next to him. They were slightly hurt. I remember dogs head was slightly to the right and in pain. Donít remember what was with the kid. Than i looked closer the dog and it was a balloon covered aid hair. Than i asked what was the problem and what went wrong and one person said that they didnt hit something like i presumed but they heard a noise like something big broke on the bottom of the ship.
Thats all i remember.

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