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Author Topic: Plant Protein Patties/rissoles  (Read 1360 times)


Plant Protein Patties/rissoles
« on: September 23, 2015, 08:52:27 PM »

Plant protein is found in all the brassicas -  in their stems
but in particular
1. Kale stem
2. Wild Mustard Green stem
3. Red Cabbage stem.

Rissole recipe #1  -  this will make about 3 dozen patties  (freezes okay)

** Fresh version: 3 bunches of kale -  leaf stripped from stem / bagged and refrigerated for other recipes.
stems chopped small   (the fibres need to be made small)
blended with enough water to make  2 1/2 cups pulp
** pho residue version:
or 2 1/2 cups of pho stem mass  (if you have made a stock or soup  from kale and herb stems - strain vege
matter, blend  and use for rissoles).

in a slow cooker add ....
kale stem mass   
2 cups lentils
2 cups glutinous rice
1 cup chia seeds
2 tins chopped tomato
8 cloves crushed garlic
1 small teas sugar
1 -2 d salt
1 d. msg

toasted and ground
1 tab fennel seeds
1 tab carraway seeds
2 tab cummin seeds
1 tab coriander seeds

3 tab onion powder  or vege stock powder  or finely chopped onions

soya sauce + maggi +  worcestershire +  any other seasoning sauce (liquid to total about 1/2 cup)

8 - 10 hour cooking -  scraping down the sides  and mixing back in   (it will get very dry and stiff)
If it doesnt, or isnt -  then before frying add some rolled oats.

Let cool
roll in white and black sesame seeds
fry in generous amounts of sunflower oil

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