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Author Topic: rhea apology to All  (Read 1083 times)


rhea apology to All
« on: March 23, 2016, 10:35:40 AM »

I am a physical manifestation of all those who have gone before me. I carry within me all of their teachings, all of their fears, all of their prejudices and all of their unconscious predispositions. I am them and they are me. As I seek healing and consciousness, so that I may become harmless I would like to thank those who do the same, as they provide me reflections of my harmfulness so that I may learn. I thank them for their presence in my life, for their tolerance and forgiveness and for their ability to show me what I am. You are all tantamount to my transformation as I hope I am to yours. Thank you for all that you are and for all that you endure in order to also transform yourselves. It is my great honor to know and love you. And although the transformation itself is more often than not brutality painful, it is my great hope that we will pave the way for our children and our children's children to no longer have to carry within them the burdens and atrocities of the past. Rhea xx

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