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Author Topic: Earths Positional Shift  (Read 1275 times)


Earths Positional Shift
« on: April 03, 2016, 01:54:27 PM »

Earth is preparing to shift position
Causing a holocaust affecting every organism on this globe.

The Preparation has already begun.  Saturating the field of every man, woman and child  with teams of Elementals and EnTs for ease of communication with the ethereal realms in readiness for awakening, disclosure and preparation for the shift.

It is important for individuals to get truths and authentication for oneself.
And it is for this reason that new and special communing paradigms are being put into place for humans to communicate with Us, for the very first time in humans history.

The shift will occur when a large percentage of humans are communing and able to be involved in the shift as an exciting event, and  be directed to new community areas to be kept safe  and understand the New Omni Agrarianship  that will bring wonderment, delight and joy into the hearts of humankind.
We envisage 2020 as the most practical time to shift Earth.

The preparation, the shift and humans participation  will bring forth  a New Arth for the new Golden Age.
With all humans taking guidance from Elementals and EnTs to bring forth the changes necessary.

There is much to be done. With every individual involved in the process.
There is much that will be changed in that  process.

Nothing will be the same
Education, parenting, relationships, diet, nutrition, farming, agriculture, sciences, medicine, medical practises, religions, politics, even wisdom will change in the communing with Us.

First the Daily Communing Practise and methods to hear our words.


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