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Author Topic: session 23.9.2016 (Windory, Aurora, Tor'Bem)  (Read 1326 times)


session 23.9.2016 (Windory, Aurora, Tor'Bem)
« on: September 23, 2016, 05:21:15 PM »

[07:37:58] Tor'Bem: open meeting
[07:40:34] Tor'Bem: changes to handle, to install
[07:40:43 ] J Typin: here now
[07:41:04] Tor'Bem: hi windori
[07:42:00] Tor'Bem: we just type text
[07:42:13] J Typin: hi Elma a'Ah okay
[07:44:23] Aurora Griffinsayer: Open Meeting
[07:45:52] Tor'Bem: make minds change
[07:46:17] Tor'Bem: challenge
[07:46:23] Aurora Griffinsayer: Open Meeting - a webinair
[07:46:53] Tor'Bem: open attendee
[07:47:37] Tor'Bem: diverse roles
[07:47:47] Tor'Bem: help from the back
[07:48:58] Tor'Bem: other's can help the one' who's holding the session (in the chat box) by answering some question that come up
[07:49:28] Tor'Bem: connecting dots
[07:49:54] Aurora Griffinsayer: allocation
[07:51:12] Tor'Bem: diverse mass
[07:53:57] Aurora Griffinsayer: critical notes - critical roles
[07:54:31] Tor'Bem: bonds hide breakthrough
[07:54:58] Tor'Bem: emotion controller
[07:55:03] Tor'Bem: handle
[07:55:24] Tor'Bem: try out
[07:55:50] Tor'Bem: crisis can occur
[07:55:53] Aurora Griffinsayer: synchronised performance
[07:56:19] Aurora Griffinsayer: crisis sessions
[07:57:06] Tor'Bem: consciousness session talk
[07:57:30] Tor'Bem: energy performance
[07:58:41] Tor'Bem: lucid practice
[07:58:58] Tor'Bem: lucid (easy to understand)
[07:59:33] Tor'Bem: there is one say: help people help themselves
[08:01:16] Aurora Griffinsayer: New Arth Open Meeting - invitation >>  sponsership recipients -  heart of the earthmother members -
[08:01:57] Tor'Bem: bringing up solutions
[08:02:37] Aurora Griffinsayer: to everything
[08:04:19] Tor'Bem: learning practice
[08:07:15] Tor'Bem: learning solutions
[08:08:57] Tor'Bem: hands out in public, see it's on others how we'll connect, hold hands, to build community
[08:09:30] Tor'Bem: conscious act
[08:09:52] Tor'Bem: relish all beings
[08:10:06] Tor'Bem: rely
[08:10:20] Tor'Bem: eager to trust
[08:10:38] Tor'Bem: emphasis
[08:11:54] Tor'Bem: conviction has power
[08:12:18] Tor'Bem: social beings-social interactions (actions)
[08:12:59] Aurora Griffinsayer: Conviction power motivation
[08:13:24] Tor'Bem: being puffed up will empty the pool of creativity, trust, guidance, each would go in it's own way
[08:13:43] Tor'Bem: faulted conceptions
[08:13:52] Tor'Bem: of being better
[08:13:58] Tor'Bem: cherished
[08:14:05] Tor'Bem: secret stand out
[08:14:49] Tor'Bem: need to sustain
[08:15:07] Tor'Bem: held a hand
[08:15:23] Tor'Bem: heart trusting action
[08:15:38] Tor'Bem: absolute intentions
[08:16:06] Aurora Griffinsayer: Open Meeting Purpose
[08:16:41] Aurora Griffinsayer: * conduitism opportunity
[08:17:12] Aurora Griffinsayer: * healing and/or trialing incurable disease cures
[08:17:43] Tor'Bem: releasing sub states
[08:18:15] Aurora Griffinsayer: sub states - unrecognized ugly dispositions
[08:18:15] Tor'Bem: sharing opportunities
[08:18:40] Tor'Bem: intention to dispose them
[08:18:49] Tor'Bem: (for sub states)
[08:19:05] Aurora Griffinsayer: realizing Life Destiny
[08:19:14] Tor'Bem: "change ourselves" potential
[08:19:45] Aurora Griffinsayer: Understanding Earths Shift dynamic
[08:20:06] Aurora Griffinsayer: and ones role in the preparation
[08:20:08] Tor'Bem: opportunities to seek, each has it's own capabilities
[08:20:34] Tor'Bem: divisions to open up (sections)
[08:20:45] Tor'Bem: handing over
[08:21:39] Tor'Bem: taking a leap
[08:21:59] Tor'Bem: prison break
[08:22:29] Aurora Griffinsayer: prison
[08:23:21] Tor'Bem: surreal, illusion, break through
[08:23:43] Tor'Bem: kidnapped mind
[08:24:13] Tor'Bem:
    putsch for an illusion
[08:24:36] Tor'Bem: starting to rethink
[08:24:45] Aurora Griffinsayer: seeing a vid made for prisoners
[08:24:46] Tor'Bem: tendency to have a model
[08:26:19] Tor'Bem: here i got Word: charge self
[08:26:57] Tor'Bem: like filling up battery
[08:28:36] Tor'Bem: finding purpose-tendency to steal (see people connecting to others energies), charging themselves
[08:29:21] Aurora Griffinsayer: energy vampire -  (for harmful energy list)
[08:29:30] Tor'Bem: take up prisons, release from them
[08:29:48] Tor'Bem: ward
[08:30:19] Tor'Bem: lineage
[08:30:28] Tor'Bem: neo fights
[08:30:45] Tor'Bem: people connecting to this energy
[08:31:03] Tor'Bem: violence passing on
[08:31:17] Tor'Bem: pressure, unsure
[08:31:51] Tor'Bem: syndrome
[08:32:23] Tor'Bem: having others for use
[08:32:42] Tor'Bem: child play
[08:33:20] Tor'Bem: disconnect to fear
[08:34:01] Aurora Griffinsayer: to terrorise -
[08:34:05] Aurora Griffinsayer: make dependant
[08:35:00] Tor'Bem: make refugee
[08:35:36] Tor'Bem: make selections
[08:36:25 | Urejeno 08:38:01] Aurora Griffinsayer: information for 5 different 'items' here
[08:40:17] Tor'Bem: planet shift, reform
[08:41:44] Tor'Bem: see sth in africa-went unnoticed, people didn't care
[08:41:44] Aurora Griffinsayer: to reform all life
[08:42:35] J Typin: shifts earth's evolutionary field to regenerative intention magnitude shift
[08:43:11] Tor'Bem: shell plan
[08:44:11] Aurora Griffinsayer: a spiralling fractal
[08:45:56] Aurora Griffinsayer: Specie Harmonic Resonation
[08:46:33] Tor'Bem: allured
[08:51:21] J Typin: vision of modulated wave surges in spiral field - as each wave passes through it triggers further expansion and action
[08:55:09] Aurora Griffinsayer: Modulated Wave Surge - a crop circle
[08:55:47] Aurora Griffinsayer: and curtains  xx


Re: session 23.9.2016 (Windory, Aurora, Tor'Bem)
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2016, 07:11:59 PM »

this is the first bit

[3:06:31 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: xx   okay lets begin
[3:06:48 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: protocols
[3:07:10 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: Protocol Inaugeration
[3:09:13 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: Not able to proceed with
[3:10:25 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: TorBem do you hear anything? - as i cannot seem to find the sound button (to turn off)
[3:11:21 PM] Tor'Bem: here you can exchange sound, just writing (if you call, then we can hear sound)
[3:12:25 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: appropriate documentation
[3:14:25 PM] Tor'Bem: words got cripted with half a message or different parts (random), i goes from Word cure to symbols, at the beginning i saw two person holding for each others arms, they let go of the opposite hands, i started a simbol ( being open one way), changed perspective, looking from the top (looked like a lock, that is about to decode)
[3:17:13 PM | Edited 3:32:34 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: symbols for each of the boxes in the 'trialing section' -  symbols for all the sections in the victim registry, the trialling registry, and the philanthropy register
[3:17:23 PM] Tor'Bem: i got words in store (while looking on today's dreams)-could have some messages
[3:18:25 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: words in store =  appropriate documentation
[3:18:39 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: (certain words in your dream)
[3:20:56 PM] Tor'Bem: from the dreams: rivers and oceans, distance, selling, an effort
[3:21:20 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: selling stands out
[3:22:29 PM] Tor'Bem: products, i saw us one one market, sponsorship
[3:26:14 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: setting up a market stall for Onder Amar Healing Center - a task for those having sponserships
[3:31:08 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: Promissary notes
[3:32:48 PM] Tor'Bem: inner state handle, getting in line (core), central street-then i saw a big avenue
[3:34:20 PM] Tor'Bem: hyper sensed
[3:34:51 PM] *** Aurora Griffinsayer created a group conversation with J Typin.
Show group conversation ***
[3:35:00 PM] Tor'Bem: opulence of notion
[3:35:39 PM] Tor'Bem: knocking minds off of what is impossible
[3:35:51 PM] Tor'Bem: art of seeing
[3:36:38 PM] Aurora Griffinsayer: Torbem are you able to include Windori, because i cannot
[3:36:57 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, i've included windori

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