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Author Topic: Absolute Beingness Attitudes  (Read 868 times)


Absolute Beingness Attitudes
« on: September 29, 2016, 02:00:47 PM »


 Absolute Being Attitudes
 States of Gratification, Joy and Satisfaction 
          in Absolute Omni Service

            Absolute Conduit Mindedness
            Absolute TenderHeartedness
            Agreeable Acceptance
            Absolute Service Mindedness
            Absolute Conciliatory Mindedness
            Congenial Indifference
            Conscious Silence Mindedness

Drop the self-gratification satisfaction in self-absorbed, self-centred, selfish, self completely   -  Self is about the ego
Drop the Self
  from your intentions and thinking
  from your hopes and dreams
  from your actions and non actions
  from your choices and expectations

 these are choice justifications to be other than Onder Amar (Unity Love)
          Be Profoundly Grateful for the
    Unity Love expression and action
           Elemental & ent Omni Service 

A small poster is attached to paste on the front of ones journal.
Onder Amar

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