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Author Topic: Tonam  (Read 932 times)


« on: November 03, 2016, 11:55:36 AM »

Naen Shontol –
There are 3 karmas to mainly sort the karmic effects on yourself – so new  corrective action information,  can come forth to dissolve the dysfunctional attitudes
…  that have caused corresponding brain/psyche  and physiological dysfunctions – which in turn will need treatments – all boxed up, ready to send,  in anticipation of you clearing some karma  xx

See the text below?   you can add more yourself -   (this is also how a session operates - and our new messaging structure -  'buzzwords')
Tonam will assist you to add words to each word or phrase in this ‘list’ – thereby building upon the info.  It will be more like buzzwords, than a complete sentence.
Do each line in succession  (if not, you will go into chaos)
Just sit quietly,  the words will come  xx

Comnahm Schem session text -  15 Aug  (windori + aurora)

Nepotism – Shontol
Father – like son

Industrialists – bled workers dry
A person reaching to grab the ring
Ring of power – chasing it
Winner takes all

Vis:  see two riders on the merry-go-round – looking at and scowling at each other
‘anything to win’
‘no rule

They grow up to be ruthless competitors
Character assassination
Behind the scenes manouvering
Deadly enemies
Escalating hate
Territorial disputes

Carving up Africa

Then see a vision of spaceships
‘from nibiru’
Again deadly enemies
Sworn enemies
Seed of hate implanted
See 2 familys -  shontol and father
Putdown rebellion
Executed all members except one, who vowed revenge forever

Returned triumphant in battle
Bweaponst did not get to kill defeated
Sworn enemy
Serious depletion of resources
Long time to rebuild
Unrelenting out to get each other

Warlords through time

Lifetimes of hate played out
Involving large numbers of people
Unrelenting – unrelenting – unrelenting
Manic intoxication with hate

See a woman standing between the two men – pushing them apart
‘enough’ – ‘enough’
Shes something to do with a high court or authority
Demanding they cease hostilities
They started their war in her territory
She is trying to stop t hem
She has superior weapons and threatens


Total annihilation of headquarters
Bomb blast – atomic
They joined forces to bring her down
Then fought over auroras territory

•   Looking for a leading edge – to always get ahead
•   Kill or be killed
Handed on through generations
•   Psychotic Obsession with winning
Never ending story


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