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Author Topic: New Name given Last Month- Vo hala Iral Ana Qo Naen l  (Read 1069 times)

Naen Portia

New Name given Last Month- Vo hala Iral Ana Qo Naen l
« on: November 23, 2016, 09:52:49 PM »

 :D Good evening_ ar'am Tar

Message dictated as received as of this second.
learning a new Language,  Em Nar ToR
I receive the words Tors Mentoring this -Thumbs Up
overcoming self doubt Early stages of development when ascending our infantile traits, we must succeed this small baby step to develop good grounding in awareness and receptivity,
Vision:I see a person firmly placing his foot securely and surely on the ground ahead of him , he feels its stable and proceeds with following with his other fot , and nods with content or relaxed Assuredness that this is stable ground . Thumbs up - Confidence grows in testing ground
 Fertile grounds seed  many new pathways :- BRAIN Neuropathic semblance, connectivity fusion.
VISION: I see a persons brain, firing on both hemispheres evenly and the feeling they are in a  Complete One Mind State. By the contented peaceful look on their face.

Tor Licks his Lips and rubs his Hands Looking eager to ingest it.
 Watermelon, Guava Hemp seed Crushed 4ozs soda or sparkling water Infused with Mint  Wait half hour to infuse set in fridge drink chilled.

Pregnancy Oh Boy What a wonder you have in there and yes you should be excited about the little Gem .
Many vision flood you about him his nature his purpose his strength his Creed Indeed.

Many Dreams vivid and Unrecorded Vo Hala - ( said to me with a frown) lol xx
Much information Received curious and compelled about but forgotten or vauge. Please try  write them down during your many ups to the toilet during the night They are rich in information and yes very strange to you lol.

Ok that's it for now Good enough start we know your very tired 
peaceful times Peaceful sleep Turning point in Gestation
well done today Many triggers  eventually gracefully over come with loving empathy for beloved condition
DAr Menn Nar
Bedtime now

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