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Author Topic: dreams 14.12.2016 Tor'Bem  (Read 946 times)


dreams 14.12.2016 Tor'Bem
« on: December 14, 2016, 06:19:57 PM »

I dreamt about my aunt, she was at our place, paying a visit, when she spoke about some remarks she was being hiven on behalf of her appearance (some lady told her she isn't pretty), so she explained how she went to visit one plastic surgeon-he told her that he could operate on her but the cost would be sleeping with him. When my mum heard that, she handcuffed her and while this happened, i was having a conversation with her (she looked like her daughter (all yung), when i noticed she doesn't have breasts (she told me they cut them off-disease), when she was being hold emprisoned by this cuffs-another part of these cuffs was being connected to a tree. Her family saw what happened, were surprised, when aunt decided to escape by her own-she cut down the tree, by which she was held, that tree fell on her daugther, also she cut down one tree more. Mum told her sth important (that is inevitable to escape the punish-from her side would be mild, but otherwise there is also more rough awaiting. At that point i saw aunt has seen her executer-he showed her what he's prepared to do (he will strangle her by one scarf), in a vision of the continuing of these dreams i saw how was encouraged to explore with fears that i had them (other were cherring to continue), when i saw how destiny caught my aunt to pay out her debt being finished by rough executer-he waited for her in one public place, see like i was with her, observing her fear, she saw him, but was on edge, because he hold her in detention quite some time, before he showed up again to finish what he started.

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