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Author Topic: 4.1.2017 Tor'bem windori  (Read 837 times)


4.1.2017 Tor'bem windori
« on: January 04, 2017, 07:23:47 PM »

[6:02:23 PM] J Typin: new year greetings
[6:03:25 PM] Tor'Bem: thank you, great to be on the start/begining again
[6:03:42 PM] J Typin: agreed great year ahead
[6:04:13 PM] J Typin: accessing the inaccessable
[6:06:45 PM] Tor'Bem: see word seperate, in a vision i could see one torned picture being put back together by a tape-stick together, word headcross
[6:08:11 PM] J Typin: lovingly done
[6:10:01 PM] Tor'Bem: choose channel, chill out, diverted (see one person got distracted by looking at one screen pictures moving)
[6:12:32 PM] Tor'Bem: picturesque
[6:13:18 PM] J Typin: restoration - see above light bulb hanging down with pull cord
[6:14:06 PM] Tor'Bem: see open door, words: inviting in
[6:14:39 PM] J Typin: see hand reach up and turn on light - it lights up a basement
[6:16:20 PM] J Typin: see old painted canvases standing up stacked against walls - very dusty
[6:17:51 PM] Tor'Bem: wait on, sleep tight, see how i'm standing in one room, people laying there asleep, i have a light battery-only one awake, was using this light battery to point it out to my face, so i could do grimase-scary/spooky faces
[6:18:13 PM] Tor'Bem: stand without a clue
[6:21:23 PM] J Typin: hidden talents
[6:22:30 PM] J Typin: correcting perceptions
[6:25:20 PM] Tor'Bem: watch on scenarios-observer potentials (see observing actions of others-looking for agendas, secret truth), watch imply
[6:26:37 PM] J Typin: neutral - no judgment
[6:27:29 PM] J Typin: truth seeking
[6:28:05 PM] J Typin: see walking in dark holding a candle protected by hand
[6:28:12 PM] Tor'Bem: neural arts, crafting
[6:29:33 PM] J Typin: neural?
[6:31:53 PM] Tor'Bem: this word came (conected with nerves), see like a set of beans-some are staying there, other fall through-combined it shows like a pattern you can reflect in others, cause is the same as yours-see people faces that i've met, with them i fould i had sth in common
[6:32:57 PM] Tor'Bem: attachment lines
[6:33:45 PM] J Typin: networking
[6:33:58 PM] Tor'Bem: reflect on shame
[6:37:24 PM] J Typin: ugly personality dysfunction recognition - know what to do - support working through
[6:37:39 PM] Tor'Bem: well proven, diagnosis, see people talking to me like they want to make me believe on what they are saying
[6:39:04 PM] J Typin: redirection to harmful energy chart processing
[6:39:28 PM] Tor'Bem: stay impartial
[6:52:15 PM] Tor'Bem: effulgent
[6:54:50 PM] Tor'Bem: locked up
[7:02:50 PM] J Typin:  thank you - end session?
[7:03:57 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, sorry for not doing more messaging-elementals arranged one person to call me on the phone, was away
[7:07:37 PM] J Typin: okay thank you - see curtains but see slight opening at bottom
[7:08:43 PM] Tor'Bem: probably time arrangement, tomorrow i'll be absent
[7:09:23 PM] J Typin: okay fri good?
[7:09:54 PM] Tor'Bem: yes, thank you

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