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Author Topic: STARSEEDS - Bright Stars  (Read 200 times)


STARSEEDS - Bright Stars
« on: March 06, 2018, 10:12:30 AM »


Starseeds have incarnated on Earth for a very special service to humanity.
Humans Awakening 
to Elemental Guidance  & Governance through a new Dual Elemental & Human co Synergy and Elementalism
To bring forth  Absolute Healing, Global Healing and Humanism - World Unity - New Sciences Coherance,   Consciousness and Evolution.

Awakening is on the cusp of beginning.  to be preceded by an awakened team of starseeds - Born to Be Shining Lights.  xx
 that will have a huge impact and  effect on the full on massive awakening that is planned.
Because they can - because they are able - because they will more readily understand and be more inspired  to do the work, hence
inspiring others.
Awakening Coherance Undertaking is the Starseeds Shining purpose.... to inspire by example.

But first all have to be awakened to their True Purpose and  their brilliance - which will take many by surprise  I am sure xx

That is part of what the group at Tewantin is doing at the moment -   (amongst other business for awakening involvement)
being led to all the starseeds/bright stars  (100's)  to be invited, included the many on this forum -  to be  involved in the pre-awakening involvement conferencing sessions.

It is a True Joy to give you this information -   (as it will be to inform all the other Starseeds)
-  to enable your True Purpose and to understand your Joy of Being will be through inspiring and helping others to achieve the same Brilliance.

Being One with Us
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