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Author Topic: Divine Accountability to Nature Communication  (Read 232 times)


Divine Accountability to Nature Communication
« on: April 11, 2018, 09:48:35 AM »

Accelerated Oneness
Activating Oneness, when attentioned , and Divine Appreciation when understood

Every leaf tells a story
Every feather a vision
Every flower a feeling
Every seed a healing
Every cloud an insight
Every tree a movement
Every bird an action
Every animal an understanding
Every Nature sound an awareness
Every insect a possibility
Every Elemental an opportunity

Activating Oneness, when attentioned,
brain changes, brain tracts realign,

Divine Appreciation when understood
Divine Appreciation is active - gratitude in action - appreciating gives a worthiness action
when reciprocation happens, the divine energy is magnified and the energy absorbed back into what you have given divine worthiness to.

This is all part of the Ultra Magnetic state, that can heal by a presence.
It is Loving Service, very action oriented, and can be overwhelming .... be overwhelmed Beloved ...  be accelerated.

Go outside, hold a leaf, stare at a cloud, a flower, listen to a bird -  build up the information - Nature is telling you something very important

Print out and hand out - put on your wall  -Be reminded daily  of your responsibility and Divine Accountability to how Nature operates and communicates.
 teach your children, they will show you their ability to be accountable.

with Our love
Elemental Council

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Understanding the Nature Communication
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2018, 07:05:22 AM »

Understanding the Nature Communication

All Nature responds to light
All Nature is aware of each human, and responds through emitting plumes of gaseous ethers, that will effect the human in different ways - in feelings,  intuitive understandings, visions, as the body receptors pick up on, and brain and nervous system translate.
Being open to, and allowing, also allows for a communication to happen from the Elementals, who may telepathically add words to give more clarity to the information you have received.
(this can be as you observe, or in the messaging ).

We suggest you immediately embark upon messaging, whilst you are still 'iin the zone' -  making it easier to be telepathic with Us.  xx

All Nature is aware of each humans light, because of the Elemental construct around each individual, supplying the light a human is yet to acquire.

Divine Appreciation consciousness involves action for the active appreciation element (hence this post)
, from yesterdays information about ' the gaseous plume from nature in the presence of light',  from a leaf, a cloud and a flower) 
Appreciation to the  Elementals and the Nature Realms - a profound gratitude for this assistance and ability to have this level of communication - keeps a momentum and magnitude propulsion happening for aurora.

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