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Author Topic: New Tools to Stay in the Zone  (Read 81 times)


New Tools to Stay in the Zone
« on: June 03, 2018, 01:38:39 PM »

Staying in the Zone is critical  - but it  needs help.- to focus, and keeping an( often exhausting) attention.
but in truth, it becomes more exhausting being out of the zone - then being in it.

Staying in the zone maximises beingness
Maximized beingness, is through following through with actions - which in turn maximises Magnificence.

prevents misery, despair, disbelief, uncertainty - these are feelings, that will overcome one,  when one is doing the work but
still missing 'absolute being' aspects - 
Tools to Stay in the Zone

Tree Talk
with a new 'Imagining tool' - which works in amazing ways
(I have copied and pasted it from TorSiemOns thread)

new visionary tool called "IMAGINE FIRST"

specific on a topic or subject
short and effective
no spinning
no mystery
no metaphors
can have more than one meaning


1. Imagine any object you want, anything, with your eyes closed and wait.
2. your picture in your head will be now manipulated by elemental to tell you a story. something really short. 1 or 2 sentences.
         -write it down if guided-
3. let the telepathy kick in with additional explanations.
        - write all down if guided-
4. full understanding comes/action comes/next step comes

Example and message for EMEC

1. Imagining EMEC logo.
2. I see a logo. looks up into the sky and grabs our sun and puts it in front, than another planet, and another... Puts planets in a line in front.
3.  - Supremacy
     - Characteristics
     - step by step program
     - informational
     - self sustainable and independent. Totally disconnected from current behavior of people and their systems


and this one

Every leaf tells a story
Every feather a vision
Every flower a feeling
Every seed a healing
Every cloud an insight
Every tree a movement
Every bird an action
Every animal an understanding
Every Nature sound an awareness
Every insect a possibility
Every Elemental an opportunity

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