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Author Topic: Communing Paradigm Chart  (Read 621 times)


Communing Paradigm Chart
« on: September 05, 2018, 01:02:39 PM »

(attached for downloadable chart)

A complex arrangement display of Elemental driven information, often for some sort of action.
Dreams are mostly symbolic or cryptic depictions on many subjects, that require interpreting using more communing tools.


Supplied by Elementals
A pictorial display to describe something or impart information.  The  Vision can be symbolic, cryptic, abstract or literal.
There are specific 'visionary tools' below

Teleopic Vision

Vision and Telepathy.   The vision is given and telepathy follows.

Using a special technique called the Simultaniety Infusion Fulcrum, Elementals & EnTs will impart information telepathically.
Telepathy occurs when you empty your mind and WAIT in a ‘listening mode’.
It can feel like a thought of your own making, but it is not.
At first it is just a word or a phrase – but as one clears karma and feels levels the necessary  levels  of profound shame and remorse to get Impeccable Integrity, Understanding,  Gratitude,  Honor, Irreproachable Will with states of conciliatory neutrality and  tenderheartedness, the etheric field has an ongoing balance that allows for the fulcrum to be integral and ongoing
Absolute Surrender, Divine Appreciation, Loving Kindness,m  with a focus and determination to be dependant on being in Service to Elementals & EnT to be their esteemed and loved Conduit, creates the Absolute Conduit.
It especially occurs in the Daily Messaging Regime, and all the following paradigms.

The only deterrant to telepathy is the ego.

Cartoon Character Visualization
Imagining Tool –
Elementals can give information  by imagining a cartoon character of the individuals choice.
Elementals are serpant light beings, outside and inside the human form -  and  have no relationship to the characterization – it is merely a ‘platform for visualization’
 When one imagines that character, or anything else that is imagined,  the Elementals are able to manipulate the form to impart a message.
‘Imagining’ creates a portal for Elemental Intervention
It may use hand signs, it may hold up words, it may introduce another cartoon character or figure,  or portalize a visionary scene for you.

Item  Imagining

Imagining – teleopic vision – telepathy – kinetic writing or drawing.
An item is imagined, then observed – it will change and other teleopic visions will occur.  Then telepathy.

Tree Tell -  put yourself in an imaginary tree trunk for telepathy from Elementals and EnTs.

-  is a portal for telepathy and vision from EnT Guide and vision from Elemental Guide.
 Imagine 3 vertical doors in a tree trunk and imagine going into each door, one at a time.
Door 1 (top door)  Threshold Door – Telepathic word or phrase
Door 2 (middle door) Beachhead Door -  Vision
Door 3 (bottom door) Consolidation Door -  vision or telepathy or both.  Or another door maybe shown

Tandem EnTMerge
– where two people can bounce off each other, taking turns in going through doors.  Generally to get more information on the one subject.

Tree Talk -  with physical trees.  A tree is a  portal for telepathy for an  EnT Nireng Mentorship and EnT Whasul.
Lean against a tree and hear the message – do this with many trees and you will build upon the message.
Forage Tool:  When foraging, find the nearest tree, and the Tree will impart what the forage material is for, and how to process it.
Tree Talkfest is a blog to share any message for humanity.

Treehouse Treasury Door
  - Imagine a treehouse at the top of a tree with a door, open door and go in – or you may be given a vision of, to go in.
Consciousness Tone -  whatever one needs for the moment
Imagine going into a little door in a tree house –  the word or phrase is what you need to hear instantly – especially in a triggered situation, or an emergency.

Tree Base  Trapdoor – Imagine a trapdoor at the base of a tree – lift the trapdoor and go in – or you maybe given a vision of a trapdoor to go in.
Cosmic Awareness
A lesson in a Cosmic  Science
Can be vision, telepathy, intuition or All Knowingness
Can be led to crop circles

Leaf Enfoldment  -  Imagine a large leaf wrapping itself around you.
Equilibrium.   Calmative, courage, strength, resolve, love, nurturance.
If you ‘recognize’ a particular leaf/tree species, or intuitively feel the leaf is significant, this may also mean you need this leaf or plant in your diet or treatment or a tea.

Leaf Curl -  see yourself on top of a large leaf, and it curling over you.
Holding you in check
Over excitement, over inspired.   Seen to be going off in wrong directions
The excitement of being able to keep up, leaf will hold you in check so you don’t get electrical, manic, over embellish the conduitism

Cloud Speak -  Observe and listen
There are new cloud formations happening around the globe.  They are the new Elemental & EnT Omni Council members revealing themselves in an array of amazing and beautiful forms for telepathy to occur.
There are also the standard clouds that will shape a form or picture for symbolic information.
Cloud Report is a blog to share Cloud Speak telepathic information and photographs

Cloud Watch
-  Reformative Apparition
Reforming a cloud or adding forms  to impart a message.   
Shapes will appear in the cloud, with intent study – which aren’t really there. This is a manipulation of the eye rods in the viewers eyes.  These are not the usual pictures or forms seen in cumulus clouds, which are manipulations of cloud forms. 
The intent study causes Caudate Phom alignment and Simultaneous Infusion for telepathy.

Nature  Speak
–   Observe and listen from Elemental Guidance telepathy or Intuition
Insects –  Observation and intuition
Insect Awareness Paradigm:
Insect – A Daarian-Haathor Influence
Observe the insect/s, what they are doing or how they are acting  will be the clue to the message

Animals and Birds  - Observation, listening, intuition, telepathy
The general rule is – if you hear, observe – then there will be a message.
Sometimes the message can be  obvious  in the actions, or the bird sounds.
Nature Observation is also used in foraging.

Zeta Here  -  Telepathic communication from Zetas
Zetas have a secondary guardianship for Earth Humans.
Children and Adults will be guided by Zetas through telepathy.
Elementals will often supply visions with the telepathy.
Zeta Awareness Paradigm:
A feeling of being touched –
A faint noise somewhere, or a noise of something moving

Crop Circle (intense) Observation – Reformative Apparition
With  Elemental Light Receptor Stimulation
Stare intently at a crop circle picture.  It may move – change shape – add shapes, colour.
The moving and changing is through manipulation of the rods in the eyes.
The staring and focus is also a caudate phom alignment for telepathy to occur.

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Tor NeAme

Re: Communing Paradigm Chart
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Hi xx 😆 have some dreams so little quality spare time as expected, but would love to work on them as they are pretty out there (as always). I can still.remember them.
Naen Portea

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