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Author Topic: The influences from the outside at this present day and time  (Read 428 times)

Tor NeAme

The influences from the outside at this present day and time
« on: January 30, 2019, 11:12:02 PM »

Facebook and other social medias are entrapping people, ensnaring them into extreme polarisation.
Arousing anger, self consciousness, bullying,, harmful outbursts, violence, judgement, ignorance, collusion,and judgement .
Also it is heavy monitored by government agencies seeking out information to process for various agendas, example; gathering information pertaining to all.peraonal details,
Algorithms study which sort of activity arouses the most interest,
All environmental anti vaxxer government exposure groups, (deemed as antisocial behaviour)
They have been under a mass censorship lock down, under the guise of "removing disinformation or extremist groups.
Many  shrills and trolls survelling and monitoring the attitudes and reactivity, as well instigating group upheavals and dissemination.
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Naen Portea

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