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Author Topic: Daily journalling why's it so important?  (Read 155 times)

Tor NeAme

Daily journalling why's it so important?
« on: January 31, 2019, 10:44:52 AM »

Now if your anything like me... And have books full of so much information on a whole array of topics that initiatially appear as haphazardous scribble or ramble to anyone else scrolling through the pages your bound to get irritated as more pieces of information relating to other pieces you have formally recorded well over four books ago keep emerging the thought of "this needs more order "will often surface...well just bare with it because elementally  this is also by design.
Giving us increments allows the slow progression from introductions to new topics (bringing it into our awareness) to eventually have the information comprehended the way it was Intended.
The design is also to cultivate an open mind..
A closed mind has no room for new information and will only cultivate further ignorance

This is the only part of the forum that I able to speak my human  mind so as not to forget I am elemental in essence. But human in form. So it one it's only inevitable that in order to get better I will have to know where I am going wrong by .making mistakes and being humble will help you when you do...it's ok to be wrong unwittingly it's ok to bare yourself and show imperfection.
It is ok to be to be vulnerable even the youngest seed is vulnerable before being. Enwrapped in her soil and.   Nurtured with water and light to grow into a beautiful well rooted EnT.
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