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Author Topic: H.O.E.M forum new intentend use.  (Read 248 times)

Tor NeAme

H.O.E.M forum new intentend use.
« on: February 01, 2019, 06:31:49 PM »

This forum has been dormant for quite some time due to inactive participants not being able to  remain committed to learning and having trouble figuring out the real.purpose of Ascension.
They have tried and failed due to human ideals and expectations and false information passed around.
The purpose of me remaining here is to revive this information and record information for people I have recently encountered that are curious of such information.
 The forum is unable to be interactive due to someone putting a virus in the mainframe preventing people mfrom being able to put up their information. this has a counter active plan.
Communing practices bring forth  undiscovered information that far exceeds normal paradigms of comprehension.
This forum.now is simply an information hub. All pre registered members are encouraged to re-engage at their elemental guides prompting.
Naen Portea

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