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Author Topic: The Opportunity for All Life Communing - FOCUS  (Read 29 times)


The Opportunity for All Life Communing - FOCUS
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:40:19 PM »

Connecting with the Multi Dimensional Realms, and the Natural World is all about Focus
Focussing and connecting with All Life, Is the way to build the Collective Consciousness and ones own new holographic light body. - which is directly connected to the greater collective.

Every-single-thing in ones awareness, is for the individuals learning - to open ones awareness, create new brain tracts, secrete new brain substances,
To gather information - and build upon - 
Daily practise elevates and heightens consciousness, and changes the intellect - the heartmind is being activated constantly - and Our flow becomes more solid.

To ignore,is to miss the valuable opportunities to be accelerated, to  be loved and honored   ~  Tor

Focus Entrainment 

Every leaf tells a story
Every feather a vision
Every flower a feeling
Every seed a healing
Every cloud an insight
Every tree a wisdom
Every bird an action
Every animal an understanding
Every Nature sound an awareness
Every insect a possibility
Every Crop Circle a definition
Every symbol a meaning
Every kinetic occurrence a headsup
Every accident a harmful perpetration awareness
Every trigger a karmic resolution
Every dissonance a harmonizing solution
Every word an expansion
Every dream an interpretation
Every cache of words an explanation
Every Elemental an opportunity

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