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Author Topic: Golden Seals of Wonderment and Glorification Bequeathments  (Read 1971 times)


Golden Seals of Wonderment and Glorification Bequeathments
« on: August 22, 2013, 05:35:13 PM »

New Work
New Elementals
New Elemental Science
New Creation Science
New Glorification and Bequeathal Seals - Golden Seals of Wonderment and Recognition Ignition

There are beautiful gifts, bestowals and bequeathments - and how to achieve them all (with certain states and 'feelings of' to understand the bestowals -
The Elemental Realms unify themselves through our conscious will and recognition skills -will all be written up and posted in the 'new work' section.

New information about the Universe - there are 5 Universes inside Ent Geoldrahn
* The Physical Universe
* Elemental Universe  (Hum La)
* Ent Universe
* Ulda Hem Universe
* El hal Universe

1.  Crop Circle   -  Geoldrahn Unification  - crop circle showing the  5 Universes

2. Geoldlrahn Golden Seal Bequeathal

3.  Ul da Hem Awareness

4. El de Vit Ta and El Hal merge for Geoldrahn Gold Seal of Glorification

5. Geoldrahn Rahnmastra

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