The Origins of the GrandMasters


Greetings Beloved Humans


I am Griffon.

Returning to Earth after a very long absence.


My Truth and Purpose is Guardianship.

And this was corrupted a long time ago by the Melchizedek Reptilians upon another world and  then upon Earth.

The other world is now what you term as the Milky Way,  it was once a planet very similar to Earth.


I would like to take the reader back some.

In times when humans had spiritual counsel, and understood consciousness.

One could say Earth humans have never really had this type of  consciousness that is connected to All That Is.

It has been alluded to, pretended and made to be something it is not.  All to keep humanity from discovering what a consciousness connected to the All That Is, is really about.


I am taking you back to  some of your Origins, even though Earth humans are now the composite of many Origins.  However it is two planets in the Sirius system that seeded Earth with two  conscious  human species, which became the Hawaiian and Australian indigenous. Who, I might add, lost their consciousness within 3 generations of Earth habitation.

A small percentage of humanity today, has a few of these two lineages.  Those who are lucky enough to have these lineages, are the ones able to read works such as this.


Humans have no memories of mastery and consciousness, as they do not hold 'records' of mastery and consciousness.  This is because in every karmic circumstance, the grandmasters lost energy of truth and records  to another.

This is what you, the spiritual initiate, is now required to do for your ascension.  Retreive this lost consciousness, by clearing karma.

One could say the atrophied and diseased endocrine is through lost mastery consciousness.


The three planets below are three of many planets involved in your karmic history.


Katayy, in the Sirius star system. (spoken of as Sirius C) older than Earth, in terms of human habitation.

A planet of humans devoted to spiritual mastery.   Having 36,000 strands. (Australian Indigenous origins)

A planet and its humanity that is devoted to spiritual mastery, would be a planet that has ascended. Yet Katayy is still a physical planet.


Siroyo in the Sirius star system (spoken of as Sirius B) older than Earth, in terms of human habitation.  24,000 strands (Hawaiian race origins)

A planet that started its ascension, became a 'brown dwarf' (a planet that has ascended to 700 degrees Celsius, turns deep maroon/brown.. being called a dwarf, as it is a planet not a sun/star that astrologers compare)

No longer.

It is in stasis, owing to its occupants failed ascension.


And the planet known as Sirius A -  older than Earth but  is nowhere near ascending.

Even though channeled works seem to portray a different story.

Sirius A  is fully controlled by not one, but two reptilian species.

Who contrived with Nibiru 200,000 years ago to seed Earth with a variety of unconscious humans as experiments.  Most of these became extinct through disresonant DNA joinings and so forth.  The ones survived became important cultures for the planet Earth.

Tibetan, Inuit/Mongolian, North American, South American and Africa (Bushman)


Planets and species older than Earth, with more consciousness than Earth humans, but still unable to ascend.

One has to now use these failed ascensions as templates, not to copy of course, but to make further inquiries to heal and  to raise the human consciousness to another level.  Some of their failures involve humans now upon Earth.  And this means that Earth humans now have an ability, and a responsibility to heal matters around the Universe, not just of Earth.


I hope, in a course of a year to share Earth and humanities entire Karmic History with you.

Showing you how you can assist, in a very positive way for other worlds, other species, and of course your own Ascension.

Including my being compromised to such a degree, that I was unable to be the  Guardian of the EarthMother.


Until next time