HOW TO USE THE DAILY DIRECTION CHART half circle penduling chart.

Half circle penduling tools  are more conducive to penduling, as one does not require a 'yes' 'no' integrity swing.  One starts to rock their pendulum down the centre, and then allows it to rock to the segment that has the correct answer.

 PENDULE EACH OF THE THREE MAIN  HALF CIRCLES ONCE -  there is only one segment of each half circle to be revealed in any one message.

The segments in the large half circle, have small lists, to also pendule. 
There are associated charts attached, and are included with the Daily Directive Chart to download and print.

The ways to use this chart ..

1. To Use in conjunction with The Communing Systems Charts (See Issue 1)
First pendule for a message from the Communing System and then pendule the half circles, to see the source of this message,  and the large half circle will give you the 'subject' or area that your message is about. - pointing you in the correct direction.  Even though you will still have to search the Thesaurus for your exact message.

2. Pendule the Daily Directive Chart first if you wish  and ascertain the subject and source first, THEN pendule the Communing  Systems Chart (and Thesaurus) for the exact message being shown through whatever segment in the half circle.

3. Interpreting the Dream Either pendule the Daily Direction Chart first, or a group of words from the Communing Chart System.  Both tools will help reveal as much as possible for you.  Even though a search will be necessary in the Thesaurus, to reveal the truth of the dream

4. An Interference.  If you suspect  an interference  pendule the large half circle.  The large segment will have associated charts, to pendule.  Oftentimes the answer will seem ambiguous, as it maybe showing how to remove, than a straight  'yes you have an interference'.

5. There is no real 'quick answer' to anything ascension but if you want an answer to something that requires an urgent answer, or knowledge (your guides will be well aware that you need this answer immediately either go the the Communing Systems Chart, or the Daily Direction Chart.

Note: If pendulum is inconclusive, or will not respond, this generally means the previous message is or has not been understood fully, or has been misinterpreted.
You are being slowed down for some reason.
This can be ascertained, and for what reason,  by an Ascension Coach or counselor.