Exploring Mountain Records

There are significant mountains on this planet, that have important records for humanities ascension.  The initiate will be guided to these mountains, to learn and to heal the past and to share.


Mount Huashan China.


This is the oldest mountain on the planet Earth.

It is the only mountain to survive the journey from Tara in the Aldebaran system, to where Earth is today.

Huashan holds vaste information, from ancient times.  This information is given to the Elementals and then given to the human for the ensuing inner work to be done.

The Elementals are considered beloved 'go-betweens', the interface between the Nature Realms and the human -  for a lot of ascension work to be understood and fulfilled.


There are 10 significant mountains on Earth.  Not all appear as 'mountains' in size.  A few have been depleted considerably.

Not all 10 are 'conscious' and awake.

Four of the ten have been awakened.

Awakening means the Elemental guardian spirit in the mountain, can start the healing work.  This is generally through the work of the ascending human, that will connect with these beings.  To be shown the work that needs to be done.


Huashan shares its records of the Ice Firmament

Tara broke up and became a constellation of  planet sized fragments.

All have since joined other stargroups.  Earth being projected to this Solar System.

Whilst she was being projected through space, everything virtually flattened, except for a few extra large mountains Huashan being one.

Earth came to this Solar System approx 900,000 years ago.

Upon arrival, the planet started an ice age, that was to last 40,000 years.


It was Earth who had held the Tara consciousness.

She  awakened and started to re-formulate what had happened, and started to make repairations to herself.

Tara  started to live again, but not as Tara, but as Earth.

Generating her aurora, and re-generating the land.

This started the creation of many mountains and volcanos.  Immense land upheavals.

Moving and shaking one might say.


It was in this period, that Spiritual Councils, perceived a plan for Earth involving the Elementals from one of Taras other fragments.  Coccix, from the Arisha system home of the Zephelium. (Zeta).

The Elementals  travelled through space, until they arrived to Earth, to assist.

Just as the Sylphs (Ranthia) from Uranus, are assisting Earth today.


The Elementals from Coccix,  would have appeared as a sparkling mass of ice,  with a long tail.  This Elemental mass consisted of ice and salt.

Arriving to  Earth, they swirled around the planet, until fully encasing the planet with a 5 mile thick ice/salt mantle, or blanket called a firmament.

This appeared to look very much like 'fairy floss'.


This firmament would protect Earth from a Sun that was not resonant to Earth, as Earth had come from Aldebaran, a differing 'set of information'.

And the firmament would create a permanent temperate climate one that didnt rain, but moisture being cycled as it would a terrarium.

The planet had taken root, repaired itself and started a new life as planet Earth.


The planet had many visitors in this long time period all observing and none really harmful.


Approx 150,000 years ago the Annanuki and their reptilians arrived, and changed everything on this planet.

A member of the Annanuki, collapsed the ice firmament, 143,000 years ago, and created a great flood, that killed 7 million persons and created Earths oceans.

The reason for collapsing the firmament, was because the humidity made the reptilians ill.

The Annanuki, also desired to see the stars, so they could observe Nibirus arrival.


And that is why there is no firmament in the atmosphere today.