White Spider Writes - Parasites Part 1 of 2

Dear Ascending Initiate,
The information in this article is designed to open your awareness, to get a better view, you might say.

A lot of information in books and on the net, pertaining to Nature and Natural Healing, are a mere fraction of the real truths. Not having all the information will not ascend or truly heal the person.

One can have the tools (or in this case the medicine), but itís all about how to use them, and how often.  Sage has been used for its healing properties in many cultures around the world for many different purposes, including antiseptic properties. However its real magic, the gift of Sovereignty and its ability to facilitate the healing of parasites at the original cause level, is little known.

Humans contract internal parasites through several different ways: mainly contaminated animal flesh and fish, contaminated foods, and poor sanitation. Parasites burrow into the intestines and begin doing their damage by absorbing nutrients from the host, and laying eggs.  More damage is caused as the multiplying parasites begin excreting wastes and toxins, leading to a condition called verminous intoxification.

The Parasites that burrow unsubstantiated/undiagnosed and unrestricted will cause deterioration to the tissue area as they perforate and contaminate. There will be a variety of disorders from this, which will affect the quality of the personís life and allow attacks from other areas.

So what is the karmic lesson behind parasites? Not all parasites are harmful, per se. Some species can co-exist peacefully and even exist symbiotically, each one helping the other.  When a parasite turns harmful, they are showing us the harm done to us (and by us) in our past life dances with reptilians and false gods.  When we use our ascending tools to reveal, understand and forgive the original circumstanceÖto remove those harmful attachments, we can heal at such a level that we will no longer require the parasites to show us what is wrong.

Calling upon the vibration of Sage can facilitate in the removal of parasites when that mirror is revealed to us.

Next Issue: Part 2 of 2 - Sage Is Not a Culinary Herb

Blessings, Meyu and Skyfie