A Platform for Viewing

Vision is the purest and  most incorruptible tool the physical human has.


All the spiritual realms have a hand in giving the ascending initiate visions and it is desired the ascending initiate has a variety of techniques.


Success at visioning is through creating a platform for viewing.  Creating a 'framework' for the vision to be placed. 


Using vision is the quickest route to truth.


          Getting an answer instantly

          Communing with the upper dimensional realms

          Understanding a karmic circumstance either through a direct vision of the pastlife, or a clue or key with another visionary technique.

          Understanding a difficult higher consciousness concept

          Revealing implants, curses, spells, machinery.


Vision will also propel you through your ascension, or conversely the lack of any vision will stall your ascension.  One cannot proceed past 5000 strands without any vision techniques.


We hope this has inspired you to acquire a few techniques for your ascension.



From Ring-Tail Cat

(adapted from a dream for Amethyst)