Ascension For Humanity Is Being Sabotaged
from The EarthMother through Aurora - GriffonSayer

I have karma, you too, have karma.
I have been mined, and elements removed, you too, have been mined and elements removed. I have dissonant etheric 'machinery' built around and over me, so you have had dissonant etheric 'machinery' built around and over you.
I have parasites, you too have parasites.

I have been manipulated, controlled, deceived, seduced and betrayed.
You too have been all this and more.
Over many lifetimes again and again. All the perpetrations are there recorded in your etheric matrix, as they are recorded in mine.
All records of sabotage to cause sabotage, to be sabotaged.
These records of deceptions, perpetrations and manipulations are all sabotaging the humans ability to tune in, understand, authentic Ascension.
Humans are now being seduced and betrayed in a much deeper, darker way than ever before.

Your Ascension is being removed right from under your nose and you do not notice.

There are five main reasons for allowing this sabotage.
1. The dark agendas not wanting humanity to ascend, are unseen and virtually undetectable.
2. Humans have been implanted with many reptilian implants
3. All humanities original spiritual gifts of sight and insight have been lost.
4. Most works written about ascension are incorrect.
5. Many psychic, intuitive, visionary humans are misinterpreting the messages and visions..

Ascension requires the individual to clear karma, remove implants and implement tools and abilities to facilitate communion with the upper dimensional realms.
It is the upper dimensional realms that have humanities Map for Ascension.

By 'upper dimensional realms' I mean, the Nature Realms, the Elementals, Transcended Ancestors,
The Tao, and myself. Yes Beloved, I communicate with all those who have the correct tools, and do the correct inner work.
If this inner work is not done then communion with the upper dimensional realms cannot be established.
Simply because your karmas create pathways to the interfering factions, who will stand in the way of your higher spiritual collaboration.

I assure you they WILL interfere.
It is the karmas you have with all the false gods (calling themselves 'ascended masters') and the implants the reptilians have inserted, are all pathways to those who have interfered in the past, and can interfere again, because karma and implants are virtual 'enablers'. The implants enable, and the karmas allow..

The true spiritual realms that mentor and counsel, can only stand aside and allow this interference.

Implants are the most insidious, and are the most difficult to remove. Most humans have spells over their implants, to veil the implant. These spells cause the human to not focus enough to remove the implants. Many implants have locks and keys, pins and clamps, around and over them, making removal even more difficult. Oftentimes it takes an ascending initiate, who has already done this work, to help detect and remove for another.

All implants are programmes. All the various programmes are designed to prevent the human species from ascending.
EVERY human has not one implant, but many.

Then there are the karmas to reveal and clear.

There is a lot of karma to be cleared if one is intending to ascend. It will be through a daily structure of communing with the spiritual realms, your karmas will be presented in an order. Your spiritual guidance will give the necessary help to understand and clear, creating a fluidity to get the work done in the shortest possible time.
If one has cleared no karma with the the interfering factions, then there will be a continual subtle interference, that will lead you from the authentic work to be done.

There are those purporting to teach karma clearing, and those who think they have cleared their karma. Beloved if you have not visioned an ancient circumstance involving the Annanuki and understood their role and interference if you have not visioned a circumstance involving Nibiru or a circumstance in a life beyond Earth you have not cleared a karma at its Origins.
Understanding this level of clearing karma, the 'Original Cause' level, lifts the veils on the reptilian agenda. They are the original perpetrators on this planet, they perpetrated through the Greek gods, and they now interfere and perpetrate through you.

Your spiritual guides will take you back to the Original Cause of each karma. These have very ancient origins that must be seen, and understood, for true forgiveness to work.
No one else can do this work for you, as karma are our Spiritual Lessons.
Forgiveness is the key, but only if it is placed upon the correct original circumstance.
If the karmas are not properly seen and understood, the lesson for todays being is not understood.

We are evolving to the 5th dimension. The shift has begun.
For those who can do the inner work, to remove karma and implants, it will be in this life-time.
For those who cannot do this inner work, it will be through another future incarnation.

There is a magic for those who can do this work.

Ascending is difficult, it may well be the most difficult thing you have ever done. The work at times seems never ending - to clear karma, spells, curses, implants and machinery. To rid oneself of all the interferences from the non-ascending realms who WILL interfere once you start the journey.
To understand and interpret daily messages, from the dream, visions, and other tools to receive daily messages. These messages help the initiate understand the inner work to be done, and also to give you Sacred Truths of Consciousness and Ascension.

There comes a time, when barriers are pushed through, your ascending magnificence is revealed to you. You are now walking the path of an ascending master, events orchestrated for you to walk and talk your ascension.
I will be behind you and beside you.

I Honor You, so You can Honor Ascension

The EarthMother
Aurora - GriffonSayer