Visualization Techniques

To move through the Ascension Initiations, requires the use of visualization techniques.


Visualisation is used for

·          COMMUNING -  There are many realms desiring your attention, to share information.


·          REVEALING IMPLANTS -  Implants can only be removed by visualisation

·          CLARITY  FOR A SERVICE TASK– A world service task maybe initiated from a message or dream, and then vision is used to fully understand what is to be fulfilled.

·          KARMA – If not a direct vision, then other techniques are used to  reveal keys and clues

·          MACHINE  - machines are layers of self-cursing – to remove a machine,  one is required to see a variety of pastlife circumstances, and this is generally through a series of quick visions.



The Techniques

There is no speaking in these techniques, they are all through observance.

They are not in the front of your eyes, but somewhere in your head.  You can become adept, by keeping your eyes open and still vision, but you may miss some detail. 

You can manipulate the vision to be in front of your closed eyelids.


1. The Hands – this technique is mostly used by the Earth Elementals and The Tao, who is also a Divine Elemental from the Great Central Sun.


Close your eyes and imagine a pair of hands.

Observe the actions the hands will do.

The actions maybe literal, or they maybe symbolic.


Interprete by the use of a pendulum or muscle-testing.


2. The Chair – this technique is mostly used by the EarthMother, Nature Realms, Ancestors, and Guardians.


Close your eyes and imagine an empty chair.

Observe the empty chair

and observe the actions of the being that sits in the chair – or may use the chair like a theatre prop


Interprete by the use of a pendulum or muscle-testing.


3. A Screen, or a 'frame' – or 'the hands' may present  a framework to visualise a reality.

This technique is used mostly by the Earth Elementals,


Close your eyes and imagine a screen or frame.


You maybe required to observe a moving picture

or just a glimpse of a scene.


4. Direct vision of a pastlife.

To see an actual circumstance, generally, gives immediate understanding.

The karmic work can be more fluid and thorough, if vision is used early in the karma clearing practise.

(either direct viewing, or using the other techniques, for keys and clues).


You are asking to see a pastlife for the karma you are working on.


Close your eyes

Imagine your subtle body field around you – see this field as hundreds of pinpoints of light (these are the intersecting nodes of the matrices – and these are akin to micro-chips of pastlives.

Imagine one brighter than the rest.

Focus on this one, and allow your awareness to enter this light.

You may have a sensation of falling.

Then you are there.